announces cutting edge artificial intelligence monitoring system

Las Vegas, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — announces it has upgraded its artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring system, and implemented new enhanced safety measures to protect its online community. now utilizes a humans-in-the-loop (HITL) system, which includes both human review and AI, for keyword detection, image moderation and measures to eliminate potential fraudulent behaviors such as nudity, violence, and scam behavior. 

Learning from the likes of Facebook, avoids the disastrous image mislabeling with a far more sophisticated approach to image moderation. The systems in place use HITL along with superior image labeling measures to make sure racial bias is dramatically reduced compared to other platforms who handle user-generated content. 

“My team and I have spent countless hours working hard to build our AI and ML system to balance quality, user privacy and ethical behavior when systems are automated,” notes Justyn Hornor, Vice President of Product for “We are years ahead of the competition and teach some of the largest AI firms in the world how to operationalize AI in the context of user-generated content.”

Priding itself on being ahead of the European Union’s regulations for AI, is already building its AI monitoring system to continually re-train itself—guaranteeing it remains best-in-class while scanning for fraudulent behavior. 

“The EU is leading the way with their ethical guidelines on how AI systems should operate, and we’re fully in support of their directions, encouraging the U.S. regulatory approaches to mirror the EU model,” says Hornor. “We started this journey with ethics and transparency at the forefront, and built our technology around those frameworks, with many of these ideas already baked into our AI-based systems for well over a year now.” began rolling out AI-based content moderation in June of 2020, already capturing the attention of several Fortune 10 companies who have requested assistance from the team to learn how to improve their own AI systems. 

In addition to the AI solutions, will continue its security rollout to include even more safety features, including more advanced ID verification, later this year. Other security measures are being actively released that will continue to make sure that is the safest, most secure dating platform on the planet.   

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