Artificial Intelligence APP is bringing back the house call with Doc In A Pock


Las Vegas, United States, Sept. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Business owners and families have a new option designed to save them money on emergency room visits. Save time and money when you get sick! Introducing Doc in a Pock, a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-driven app for your phone. Interested customers are invited to sign up on the website:

Imagine if every time when you or your family member felt sick before you spend hundreds of dollars going to the emergency room or Urgent Care or even a telemedicine service, you could just open an app on your phone to understand what is going on, based on your symptoms, that’s Dock in a Pock!

Containing over 30 MILLION pages of medical research documents, Dock in a Pock is bringing back the house call. By simply talking to the easy-to-use App, Dock in a Pock will diagnose you based on your symptoms. Use it anywhere; at home, at the office, late-night, or even when caring for a loved one. Dock in a Pock can diagnose your symptoms without causing panic or anxiety.

Sergei Polevikov, Co-Founder of WellAI, the creators of Dock in a Pock had this to say about the end of the beta and next steps for the company:

“There is an issue of transparency in the health insurance industry. The employers don’t have full visibility into prices and medical claims. In fact, the health insurance industry is the only industry where the customer is asked to sign an insurance contract. Having no idea what the final price is. Dock in a Pock is able to process medical concepts much faster and in much higher volumes than previous manual methods allowed.”

Now you can try Doc In A Pock free for 7 days! For those business owners and families who would like more information, a full rundown of all the features, benefits and functionality can be found on the company website,



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