BICO announces Advanced BioMatrix Acquisition

BICO announced the acquisition of Advanced BioMatrix Corp., the company’s sixth attainment this year. Advanced BioMatrix Corp. is an American company that specializes in 3D research applications and produces collagen bioinks, high purity extracellular matrix proteins, chemically modified proteins, and polysaccharides. BICO aims to further strengthen its status as a leader in Bio Convergence. The acquisition through a USD 15 million purchase of all outstanding shares allows BICO to expand its portfolio of bioinks and reagents, utilizing Advanced BioMatrix’s strength in producing high-quality collagen and collagen inks intended for 3D bioprinting. The companies can also provide future application offerings based on the future needs and demands of customers.

Advanced BioMatrix’s international customer base includes leading pharmaceutical companies and research institutions that apply the products in advanced research of new drugs or 3D bioprinted tissue models.

“Together with Advanced BioMatrix, we create the market’s leading offering in bioinks and reagents. This means that we further strengthen our position in the area, and we can continue to develop innovative consumables that our customers benefit from throughout their customer journey. Combining technical expertise between the BICO Group and Advanced BioMatrix also enables faster development of innovative biomaterials for various bioprinting applications. Together, we will develop and offer innovative products that over time will lead to us being able to together solve the major health challenges we face.” Erik Gatenholm, CEO, BICO.

“Advanced BioMatrix is ready for the next step in our growth and together with the BICO Group, we are ready to deliver the market’s leading product portfolio of bioinks and reagents to our customers. We look forward to getting to know new colleagues, collaborators, and customers. We are excited to explore the potential that exists regarding synergies and sales opportunities within the Group”. David Bagley, President, Advanced BioMatrix.

Once the transaction is closed, Advanced BioMatrix will keep its current management and will remain a subsidiary of CELLINK Bioprinting.

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