Outlier AI Enables Businesses to More Easily Track and Improve their Most Critical KPIs


OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Outlier AI, the industry-leading automated business analysis (ABA) platform, today released new features that significantly enhance the ability for companies to discover and address emerging trends and developments in their business data. With the new Outlier feed experience, companies are quickly notified of changes to key KPIs that measure the performance of their marketing programs, supply chain or business operations – enabling them to adjust and adapt to changes in their business with increased speed and accuracy.

Outlier monitors data and automatically performs dozens of forms of analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Outlier alerts customers daily of important and unexpected changes in their business data and guides non-technical users through further investigation so they know exactly how their business is changing every day. The platform’s simple “data stories” include contextual information on changes, related data and potential business impact, as well as possible causes. Using Outlier, companies begin to understand what is truly impacting their business so they can make more strategic data-driven decisions.

New Feed Experience to Quickly Surface the Most Useful Data

The new feed experience provides an automatic display of data stories that refresh as users scroll, loads in seconds and gives organizations complete visibility across multiple data sources. This means customers can quickly understand impactful changes happening across all their business data and take action.

Outlier’s “Follow” feature lets users pin their most critical KPIs to the top of their feed so they can easily monitor changes that have happened to their most important metrics. With the new feed experience, the presentation of these KPIs has been enhanced by consolidating them into a Current Status panel, which now appears at the top of each new feed. This gives users an immediate view into how metrics and KPIs have performed on any given day, week or month in a single place.

Also in this product update, the Outlier story feed has been enhanced to enable users to more easily collaborate across teams. Organizations can now see and easily access comments made on a specific story. A new calendar icon allows customers to quickly jump to a date to start their exploration of specific stories or developments. Users also can filter stories by team comments or drill-down on historical actions within a specific insight.

Outlier further promotes team collaboration through its comments feature, which enables customers to discuss an insight and assign next steps. Teams can now reference and revisit historical discussions and share knowledge directly from the new story itself, while also quickly accessing previous comments on a customer segment in any new story generated.

New product features also include improvements to the daily Outlier update email. One of Outlier’s most popular features, root-cause analysis, is now accessible within the daily Outlier email briefing so users can have a quick preview of the main causes behind newly detected changes in their business.

About Outlier AI

Outlier AI, based in sunny Oakland, California, helps marketers, data analysts and supply chain operators across consumer, financial services, retail and various other industries identify unexpected changes within their critical business data. The Outlier automated business analysis platform uncovers unexpected patterns and relationships using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms and communicates them in a simple, collaborative format that accelerates business action and decision making with its library of data connectors, organizations can integrate Outlier with existing data sources within minutes, allowing leaders to gather business insights quickly, identify potential opportunities and address the unexpected.

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