Chinese tech firm iFLYTEK breaks down language barriers with its smart solutions


iFLYTEK, a China-based publicly-listed company specializing in intelligent speech and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has recently gone viral in Japan with its smart translator and recorder products. Most notably, the iFLYTEK smart translator has helped the fans who have traveled from all over the world to watch sports events onsite overcome language barriers by providing them with a convenient automated translation solution, facilitating for a more intimate game-viewing experience.

Advanced AI and video technologies are being deployed to livestream sports events in real time to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. Using the iFLYTEK translator that supports up to 61 languages and real-time online translation, the sports fans who gathered around the stadium to experience the unmatched excitement of the event in person are able to communicate with each other easily and effortlessly despite not speaking each other’s language. The translation device has also proven helpful in a number of scenariosincluding meetings, lectures and classes, by enhancing professionalism and efficiency in communication, whether in a work or academic setting, through its support for multilingual communications.

In addition, iFLYTEK’s smart recorder SR502 has sold well in Japan since being launched in the country through local e-commerce platforms, with positive word-of-mouth recommendations acting as the key sales driver. The recorder significantly reduces noise and enables intelligent matching with complex scenarios to deliver a better performance in human voice recognition. A speech-to-text accuracy rate of 98 per cent vastly improves efficiency in the workplace. These smart products have provided proven benefits to users globally. The iFLYTEK translation device eliminates the communication barrier between users who speak different languages, and, as a result, serves as a vehicle to bring the world’s peoples closer together.

As the official exclusive supplier of automated translation solutions to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, iFLYTEK plans fulfill its appointed role at the upcoming event by providing automated speech-to-text and translation software powered by advanced AI technology. The software will support barrier-free communications among attendees, between attendees and organizations as well as between attendees and the sports games during the events.



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