Ehave Partners with Globally Recognized University to Target Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)

MIAMI, Aug. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ehave, Inc. (OTC Pink: EHVVF) (the “Company”), a provider of digital therapeutics for the psychedelic and mental health sectors, today announced a partnership with a globally recognized university to gather data and bio-markers to target Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (“HPPD”). The partnership will look to create bio lines and a testing revenue model as well as screening products capable of indicating HPPD. As the symptoms of HPPD are largely self-reported, an objective measure for the condition will represent a significant advancement. Additionally, as HPPD has no universally recognized medical treatment, isolating individuals who may be genetically susceptible prior to psychedelic assisted therapy will be an important harm reduction protocol. Occasionally, anti-seizure and epilepsy medicines like clonazepam and lamotrigine are prescribed, but neither has proven effective for a majority of HPPD patients – preventing new cases is the easiest way to make progress against the recent increase in HPPD cases.

The study is expected to last 12 months and will be composed of three stages:

The first stage of the study will identify a battery of visual tasks to cover a broad assessment of optical processing. The entirety of the test should fit within 30–45 min and include key questionnaires, which would include HPPD symptoms, as well as any anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. Next, a web-based open source protocol will be configured that would enable participants to access and complete the test remotely. Ethics applications will be submitted to enable the recruitment and testing of approximately 100 participants with HPPD and 100 controls.

In the second stage the study will be relaunched for a larger participant sample and monitored for compliance issues. Approximately 1000 participants with HPPD and 1000 controls will be recruited and tested by sending them the necessary test kits for genetic sample collection. Some of the individuals that participated in Phase 1 might be retested. After obtaining and analyzing 200 participant genetic samples, a written publishable report will be prepared for submission in an academic journal.

Stage three would be explicitly commercially motivated and involve further development and launch of a finalized web-based test platform. Testing may continue to increase the size of the large international cohort of people with HPPD, with the intent of collecting this data to serve as a comparison base for any future use as a clinical diagnostic or symptom tracker. Stage 3 may also involve a larger-scale genetic study with a view to commercializing a genetic test for HPPD susceptibility. This data could be submitted for publication as a demonstration of the utility of the platform, but the publishing of any reports or data would be at the discretion of any companies or individuals funding the work.

“We are looking forward to this partnership in an effort to find out more about HPPD,” said Ben Kaplan, CEO of Ehave. Mr. Kaplan continued, “This work will provide critical functional insights into the mechanisms of various responses to HPPD. In an effort to be an industry leader in preventing negative side effects during treatment, we plan to use the results of this study to integrate a series of visual processing tests into our app to measure HPPD objectively and hopefully prevent future cases.”

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