ORANGE, Calif., July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alignment Healthcare‘s (NASDAQ: ALHC) proprietary technology platform AVA® – or Alignment’s Virtual Application – has powered more than 1 million personalized care interactions for its members across the country to date. By unifying member data sets and then assessing the data through more than 160 artificial intelligence models, AVA securely fills care coordination gaps for seniors while also allowing internal and external care teams to anticipate and deliver the right care at the right time.

Since its introduction, AVA has transformed senior care for better, improving clinical outcomes by alerting care teams to possible intervention needs. AVA empowers Alignment to stratify members based on their health status and social needs, information that Alignment then uses to reach out proactively to the most vulnerable members and deploy timely, effective and coordinated care at the member’s home, in a health care facility, or through a virtual channel. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, AVA also predicts care alerts such as risk for hospitalization and disease propensity before such early warning signs turn into a true emergency.

“AVA generates more timely, accurate and actionable insights that are catered to each member, powering both better care outcomes and a better care experience,” said Dr. Arta Bakshandeh, chief medical information officer, Alignment Healthcare. “Most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, AVA helped stratify member risk and predict possible care needs, allowing Alignment’s care team to reach out, engage and intervene to keep our community of members as healthy as possible.”

Over the years, members have reported exceptionally noteworthy outcomes powered by AVA, for example:

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, one member with dementia had not seen his doctor on schedule, and AVA picked up on a rapid degeneration of his condition that required immediate attention. Within 48 hours, Alignment helped the family arrange for palliative care to keep the member safe and well attended.
  • Another member with multiple chronic conditions, including schizophrenia and opioid dependence, is estranged from his three adult children. His primary care physician was not aware that the opioids he took rendered his psychiatric medications ineffective. Once AVA identified this risk, the Alignment team devised a holistic, high-touch care plan that included regular outreach, care coordination across his providers and pharmacy, and a support system for him. His care team also identified the medication regimen that would work best for him, and coordinated with transportation providers and a local pharmacy to ensure he had reliable access to the care and medications he needed.

AVA’s benefits extend beyond the member. By delivering rich and actionable data, the platform also drives more effective and efficient care team workflows, whether through Alignment’s own internally employed care teams, or local community-based health care providers and brokers.

“When smart and purposeful technology is paired with a culture of compassion and deep clinical rigor, AVA no doubt has a role to play in Alignment’s legacy of high member satisfaction. At Alignment, we do not believe in a technology-first approach to health care, but we do believe in the power of technology to help us deliver on our mission to put the senior first every day,” said John Kao, founder and CEO, Alignment Healthcare. “We also believe AVA is integral to our ability to drive our operations and business outcomes consistently across markets. AVA provides us with the flexibility to adapt our operating models to meet the needs of local communities and providers, while achieving high-quality, low-cost care in each market.”

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Alignment Healthcare is a consumer-centric platform delivering customized health care in the United States to seniors and those who need it most, the chronically ill and frail, through its Medicare Advantage plans. Alignment Healthcare provides partners and patients with customized care and service where they need it and when they need it, including clinical coordination, risk management and technology facilitation. Alignment Healthcare offers health plan options through Alignment Health Plan and also partners with select health plans to help deliver better benefits at lower costs.

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