With its newest product release, DocProStar 2021, TCG Process brings the first platform built off BPMN standards to the expanding intelligent automation and document processing market. The release further expands on the platform’s considerable strength and experience in IDP (intelligent document processing) and enhances its process automation capabilities. New and enhanced features are available in all three pillars of the platform, Capture, Understand and Automate, resulting in true enterprise process automation. With this release, DocProStar 2021 should be considered a key solution in any organization’s hyperautomation strategy.

Never before has operational agility been so paramount to ensuring business success for enterprise organizations. Modern work environments and structures have changed, and customer expectations require improved interactions and demand an elevated customer experience. DocProStar 2021 addresses these challenges and much more, expanding channels for receiving content from customers, employees and partners, allowing enterprises to meet stakeholders were they are and in their preferred communication medium. The platform’s improved process design, built on BPMN principles, incorporates full process versioning, testing and validation. These improvements mean companies can build and adapt processes at record speed to support operational demands, improve the customer experience and ensure compliance at every step.

TCG Process, based in Baar, Switzerland, has now established subsidiaries in ten countries around the world and has been making strategic entries into additional countries since 2019. As its customer and partner base grows, so will investment in, and development of, its leading DocProStar enterprise process automation platform. As this market continues to expand, the product team will keep the focus on strategic platform development opportunities to meet customer requirements for improved automation technologies.

“Having only joined TCG in the last year, it is exciting to be part of this amazing product update,” said Neil Walker, head of product at TCG Process. “It is remarkable to see just how many new features the team has delivered. These improvements not only touch all three pillars of the platform, but also the process modelling, deployment and orchestration aspects, too.”

“A personal dream came true! TCG offers the industry’s first true BPMN enterprise process automation platform in combination with exceptional capture and intelligent document processing capabilities,” commented Arnold von Buren, CEO of TCG Process globally. “This is quite an evolution in the industry—I remember a time when simple imaging applications were considered cutting edge technology. And we are by no means finished yet; we have many exciting ideas on how TCG Process can improve business process automation for its customers.”


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