pan-american-ai competition showed-its-brilliance,-mcbot-won-the-best-algorithm-project-award-in-the-financial-field.

Pan American AI Competition showed its brilliance, MCbot won the best algorithm project award in the financial field.

New York, NY, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence in various fields of the global economy and society, artificial intelligence technology will become an important driving force leading the fourth industrial revolution, and the world will enter the era of intelligent economy.

The global artificial intelligence development has entered the third wave. In the artificial intelligence iron triangle composed of calculation volume (data), calculation power, and algorithm, the industrialization of calculation volume and calculation power has been fruitful. The huge energy of algorithms is about to show its strength and promote algorithm industrialization is one of the core spirits of this Pan American Artificial Intelligence Conference.

The Pan American Algorithm Model competition is leading algorithm application-oriented competition of the world, which aims to collect benchmark algorithm practice projects and cutting-edge algorithm applications from all participating teams in the United States.

After repeated research by experts from American Scientific Laboratories, seven of the ten thousand entries were nominated for the award. Among the seven entries, the best three were selected in the fields of education, scientific exploration and finance.

Mintmark R&D center is set up in Silicon Valley, where many outstanding engineers are dedicated to the research of AI technology. They hope that through the development of AI technology, It can better help those who do not understand financial knowledge to enjoy financial services, so that finance is no longer a high wall, but a tool that can bring wealth to everyone, which is what Mintmark has been pursuing.

The MCbot system is the first step for Mintmark to marketing. Aiming at the trading of encrypted digital currency contracts, it realizes the combination of AI robot + trader strategy.

Realize the combination of AI robot + trader strategy, so that users who do not understand finance can achieve fully intelligent wealth accumulation through the MCbot system.

The Mintmark quantitative contract trading system jointly developed by the Mintmark’s and the Google’s technical teams . This system launched for bitcoin contract transactions is to greatly increase profitability by big data, monitoring strategies all the time , entry timing, position management, risk control, inspection strategies, and algorithm models .

Increase multiple guarantees to transaction safety through protecting the security of users’ assets, automatic tracking system and automatic position opening and closing system.

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