HONG KONG, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MobiusTrend, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Holographic Academy Invest More in AI Technology Research, Holographic Technology Achieves Breakthrough in Mobile Interaction”. With the continuous development of holographic technology, its application range is getting wider and wider. At the same time, in order to bring the audience a more extreme sense of experience and dig deeper into holographic R&D resources, outstanding scholars at home and abroad have successively invested in various special research and explored cutting-edge technologies.

According to a new study by the Holographic Research Group of Brigham Young University, they have found a way to create a lightsaber. Namely, Yoda is green, Darth Vader is red, which naturally produces a luminous beam. This discovery overcomes a long-standing challenge in this field and brings a new concept of interaction to holographic technology.

We should understand a concept firstly, that is, what is the concept of interaction? It is generally believed that interaction takes people as the main body, and people exchange information with other things, and produce interaction and influence. The two will produce a process of information exchange, which may be unilateral or bilateral. Objectively speaking, interaction contains multi-level and multi-dimensional attributes. With the continuous innovation of information technology, computer technology, virtual technology, and imaging technology, the concept of interaction is also changing subtly, and the continuous update of the concept of interaction will expand people’s thinking and promote the diversification of interaction methods.

An interview with one of the researchers, Professor of Electrical Engineering of BYU, Dan Smalley, said: “What they see in the scenes they create is real; there is no computer-generated.” It is not like movies, either lightsabers or photon torpedoes never really exist in physical space. They are real and can even make simple animations in thin air. The development paves the way for immersive experiences, where people can interact with holographic-like virtual objects that coexist in their direct space. To prove this principle, the team also created virtual stick figures who can walk in the air.

It can be said that the emergence of brand-new interactive concepts has changed people’s stereotypes to a certain extent and brought new enlightenment. Its innovation is a key factor for the development of the holographic industry, especially its use in holographic imaging technology. Through the holographic image, the audience can enter a brand-new situation. In addition to watching, the audience can also feel the situation and get a new experience. This “spatial reconstruction” model allows the interactive subject to directly occupy the active position in the context. Holographic images have made human-computer interaction more thorough, enhanced the communication between the product and the audience, allowed the audience to have a deeper understanding of the product, and established the behavioral relationship between the product and the person. At the same time, with the help of holographic images, designers can express the design concepts and thoughts contained in the product to the audience, so that the audience can resonate in thought.

The characteristics of the new interactive concept under the holographic imaging technology are presented as follows. (1) Diversity. In the process of human perception of the surrounding environment, vision and hearing have a complementary effect on each other. Holographic imaging technology fully integrates voice and vision. On the basis of voice interaction, the interaction breaks the shackles of 2D and transforms into a three-dimensional interaction. Even some special interactive media can provide the audience with the sense of smell, touch, and taste based on the sense of sight and hearing. The diversified experience makes the interaction efficiency to a higher level. (2) Visualization. The virtual environment brings hearing and visual feelings to people. However, due to the lack of tactile feel it still has a certain gap with the real feelings. This is also one of the limitations of virtualized interaction. The holographic image is associated with force feedback. When the user touches the image, a special force feedback device will feed back information to the user, allowing the user to get a more intuitive experience. (3) A large amount of information. Compared with traditional media, holographic images carry a greater amount of information. The digital image is refined by computing software, and multiple holographic images can be superimposed to form a digital virtual space, which carries a lot of information. It is also based on this large-capacity information that brings a fuller interactive experience to the audience.

In order to promote in-depth cooperation with academia, explore holographic cutting-edge technologies with scholars at home and abroad, promote the implementation of the industry, and open up research results, this time, the WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences also continues to research on the AI cutting-edge technology and establish strategic partnerships with scholars from research institutions. WIMI aims to explore disruptive emerging technologies together with them to accelerate the application and promotion of research results. In 2020, relying on the research teams in Shenzhen and Beijing, the WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences has opened four research themes of holographic computing science, holographic communication science, micro-integration science, and holographic cloud science. Relying on the team strength of the WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences, it is actively promoting the research and development of holographic products. WIMI is looking forward to exploring the unknown AI cutting-edge technology with outstanding scholars from universities or scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and to creating a sustainable and win-win AI industry-university cooperation research ecosystem. The fineness of image information obtained by WIMI holographic computer vision AI synthesis is about 10 times higher than the industry level, and the processing capability of computer holographic vision AI synthesis is about 80% better than the industry average.

At present, artificial intelligence technology is widely used in various Internet applications, enterprise-level applications, and emerging intelligent hardware scenarios. Namely, AI has penetrated all walks of life. From 2020, the scale of China’s core artificial intelligence industry will be close to 65 billion yuan, involving many fields such as security, finance, medical care, and education. Facing different application requirements, artificial intelligence technology has spawned a variety of different machine learning algorithms, such as deep learning, active learning, and reinforcement learning, aiming to bring more extreme experience and greater capacity.

WIMI emphasizes both research and application development, and its basic research focuses on machine learning, computer vision, and other directions. Also, it has published many research papers, and its technology applications focus on social, gaming, education, medical AI, and other fields. In terms of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other frontier technology fields, WIMI Hologram Cloud also relies on global and Chinese technology and business networks, and it has successively invested in companies in related fields, attracting many innovative companies, partners, and innovative talents. In the future, it is believed that WIMI will play a more important role in the application space and bring humans a better AI interactive experience.

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