WIMI Expands Its High-Quality Holographic Content to 4654 Items, While Holographic AR Is Used to Reproduce Top Stars

HONG KONG, May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MobiusTrend, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Expands Its High-Quality Holographic Content to 4654 Items, While Holographic AR Is Used to Reproduce Top Stars”. When Faye Wong and Eason Chan sang “Because of Love”, a sea of flowers appeared on the stage. At Jay Chou’s world tour concert, Teresa Teng was reconstructed in a holographic three-dimensional way, realizing a duet between Jay Chou and Teresa Teng. When Li Yuchun dressed in a splendid costume sang a song about the intangible cultural heritage, embroidery, the four avatars appeared at the same time, making the audience applaud. The stage play of the same name adapted from the sci-fi masterpiece “Three-Body” uses holographic AR multimedia special effects to show a beautiful wonderland on earth.

These are the credits of holographic AR. Whether it is a re-engraved star or a stage application, it combines modern technology and characters, and its display effect is more realistic and natural, showing the strong market space of holographic AR technology. The combination of AR and holographic projection technology not only makes people feel immersed, but also enhances the interaction between virtual and reality. Therefore, holographic AR has become a hot topic in recent years and has attracted the favor of capitalists. WIMI Hologram Cloud, a holographic industry capital company, was listed.

Established in 2015, WIMI Hologram Cloud is a comprehensive technology company that gathers AI, VR, AR, and visual effects. As one of the first participants in the holographic AR field, WIMI strives to push the holographic AR technology to the real world step by step. Holographic technology has been developed for more than 20 years. In fact, holographic AR is not just holographic technology, but a combination of holographic technology and AR technology. Everyone is already familiar with AR technology. This technology uses a variety of technical means such as multimedia, three-dimensional modeling, real-time tracking and registration, intelligent interaction, sensing, etc., to simulate computer-generated text, images, three-dimensional models, music, video, and other virtual information, and then apply them to the real world. The two kinds of information complement each other, thus realizing the “enhancement” of the real world.

With the continuous change of Internet technology and the maturity of laser light source technology, the problem of lumens limited by the light source in the past has also been solved. Now the development of the holographic industry has entered the acceleration lane. In fact, in the advancement of holographic technology, whether it is image stitching or imaging, the technology of the industry is evenly divided. The technical threshold will be gradually lowered with the development of the industry. When the technology of peers in this industry becomes the same, the content IP is the core barrier for the industry to compete, and it is also the main path for the development of the holographic industry.

In the holographic AR industry chain, WIMI’s main roles include the platform provider and the application developer. In order to meet the needs of people of different ages in the content sector and improve users’ experience, it has established five sector lines in content production and IP storage:

The entertainment consumption market

The variety of holographic experience forms can meet the ever-changing and innovative needs of customers and increase satisfaction. The application system of WIMI Hologram Cloud Entertainment can switch the whole theme scenes with a click, keep up with the changes of customer needs, and quickly adapt to the individual needs of customers.

WIMI Hologram Cloud Entertainment Platform has 4654 items of high-quality holographic content, and customers can choose the required holographic visual presentation content according to their needs. The forms of entertainment, interaction, and experience in the WIMI Hologram Cloud Entertainment Platform can completely subvert the current offline traditional entertainment industry experience and give birth to new business forms and models of offline holographic visual experience. The Application areas including high-end home holographic entertainment, holographic office meetings, holographic music cafes, holographic high-end restaurants, holographic music festivals, etc.

The educational IP market

Holographic Cloud Future Classroom takes teaching resources as the core, integrates multiple terminals, cloud platforms, and artificial intelligence. It combines abstract conceptual contextualization and visualization with a highly integrated, highly immersive, and highly interactive solution to courseware, subverting the traditional teaching environment and greatly improving the quality of teaching. Holographic Cloud Future Classroom, as an overall solution for holographic interactive teaching, will create a scientific and technological means for cognitive teaching with multiple functions such as production, use, learning, assessment, and management for interactive teaching courseware, and plans to lay out a series of courseware. The holographic classroom incorporates holographic, AR, 3D, virtual, and other new education and teaching concepts, and the new teaching environment is based on the integration of the Internet of Things and big data.

The tourism one-stop market

Holographic AR tourism is also a brand-new presentation form of smart tourism technology, combining holographic AR technology to create a one-stop travel service with virtual images. According to the user’s positioning, the nearest tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and local cultural information are displayed, providing tourists with a convenient experience. Users can filter the data for display according to tags “attractions”, “restaurants”, and “hotels” to quickly find what they need. Moreover, the navigation wizard in the AR space will guide the tourists throughout the journey, project navigation signs on the ground, track the location of the tourists in real-time, and recommend the most suitable tour route for them according to the traffic parameters of the scenic spot to avoid travel inconvenience.

The virtual two-dimensional market

WIMI holographic imaging will open up a brand-new business form. It will collect a set of holographic imaging data for all users, store it permanently, and restore it at any time. The effect is “exactly the same” as the person, achieving full-size restoration in terms of height, appearance, sound, realism, three-dimensionality, etc. The company plans to build a three-dimensional portrait data acquisition system, a six-degree matrix light field imaging system, and a binocular parallax intelligent enhancement system, so that the entire system can collect all the physical signs and appearance information of the human body in a complete and rapid manner. The completeness, realism, and three-dimensional sense are extremely strong, and the resolution even surpasses human eye recognition to achieve ultra-high-precision display.

The Health Medical Market

Researchers from the WIMI Holographic Laboratory have developed and established a 3D anatomical model of human interaction. The user can cut through the speaker’s epidermis through gestures to observe the muscles, nerves, and bone structure. This application is expected to be used in the future remote health care and will bring greater breakthroughs to the medical industry.

For all the above holographic content planning, industry insiders expressed support for WIMI’s opportunity to extend its AR holographic technology to new applications and business layers. As an industry leader, WIMI has always paid great attention to industry development and industry research, and it is committed to industrial investment in holographic AR to help the holographic AR industry and enterprises develop rapidly. The areas involved include holographic AR interactive component design, holographic AR optical component development, holographic AR image development, holographic AR hardware/software development, holographic AR application expansion, and holographic AR platform construction.

WIMI Hologram Cloud is a technology company that promotes cultural innovation with holographic technology innovation. WIMI continues to improve its ability to obtain IP and content creation. In the future, when the market becomes mature, it will have the opportunity to create a larger market traffic entrance. In addition, it is understood that the WIMI Hologram Cloud Stock Research Report shows that WIMI is in a leading position in the long-term growth market of augmented reality (AR). It has established a professional industrial investment fund to invest in, and the R&D cost invested is no less than ten million yuan. The funds are mainly used for technology research and development and copyright purchase. The company is increasingly using augmented reality technology in reality.

WIMI insists on the IP output of products and content for more industries and fields, so as to perfect the horizontal and vertical business development of the enterprise. They firmly believe that what they do will contribute to the industry, will greatly improve the industry, will bring new consumer experience, and create a better way of life experience for more users. The future of WIMI seems to be increasingly anticipated.

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