Worldwide Developer Population & Demographic Study 2020-2021: Platform Adoption, Mobile and IoT Development, AI & ML, Edge Computing and Fog Architectures, Technology Adoption

Dublin, May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Worldwide Developer Population & Demographic Study 2020, Volume 2” report has been added to’s offering.

This report combines EDC’s proprietary global developer population model with selected findings from this semi-annual Global Development Survey. The data contained in this report can be a particularly useful tool that can help product managers, decision makers, and people involved with corporate strategies gain perspective on addressable markets for specific sectors in technology.

Every year, this report presents a record of the change and growth of the developer population. Through more than a decade of reporting the total number of developers worldwide, the one constant common through 27 volumes of this study is that the population of developers increases yearly at a very steady rate, though as we will see, there are a few events that may influence this steady growth.

Ultimately, this report shows the capacity of each country to produce developers. Diving more deeply, we can also find a history of the development landscape. Over time, this report has shown the ascendance of particular technologies. It has also shown how technologies can fall by the wayside as developers flock to the next big thing.

The proprietary methodology used to establish the size of the developer population takes place in four fundamental phases:

Phase I – Gathering and Evaluating Secondary Data

Data gathered from numerous sources and rigorously verified by team of analysts and statisticians

Phase II – Statistical Modeling

Proprietary computer simulation model ranks variables according to their predictive power – delivers country level developer population data

Phase III – Analysis

Model outputs are examined and tested

Phase IV – Reporting

Key population and demographics statistics produced and reported

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary


Population Summaries and Forecasts

  • Top 15 Countries’ Developer Population Summaries for 2020 vs. 2025

Demographics & Firmographics

  • Region
  • Involvement with Development
  • Job Description
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Developer Program Membership
  • Type of Software Being Developed
  • Development Outside of Employment

Platform Adoption

  • Host Operating System Today
  • Target Platforms

Mobile and IoT Development

  • Mobile Development
  • Typical Approach to Mobile Development
  • Plans for IoT Development
  • Primary Target for IoT Development
  • Focus of Consumer IoT
  • Focus of Commercial IoT
  • Focus of Industrial IoT

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Plans for AI and Machine Learning
  • Involvement with AI or Machine Learning
  • Important Machine Learning and Deep Learning Domains

Edge Computing and Fog Architectures

  • Experience Deploying to the Edge
  • Moving Back End to the Edge

Technology Adoption

  • Preferred Tool Hosting
  • Personal Involvement with Open Source Software
  • Corporate DevOps Strategies

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