Kharon, the research and data analytics company focused on security threats and other controversies that impact global commerce and finance, and Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), a provider of end-to-end fintech and regtech solutions, today announced they have partnered to offer customers access to research and data analytics that will enhance their financial crime and trade control frameworks.

Kharon looks beyond the lists of sanctioned actors and entities to provide organizations with broader and more in-depth coverage by identifying the networks surrounding sanctioned actors that equally pose threats to financial crimes and trade compliance. Kharon’s 50 Plus dataset, which includes thousands of entities that do not appear on the sanctions list but are majority owned by sanctioned parties, will be available to CSI customers, as will Kharon’s Venezuela and Maritime datasets.

Victoria Lumb, Head of Sales, Kharon said: “The 50% rule in particular continues to be a challenge for many businesses that do not have the internal resources to investigate and continuously update what can often be complex and extensive ownership chains. All Kharon’s datasets enable faster, more informed decision-making, and therefore more robust compliance frameworks. We are delighted to partner with CSI who share our ambition to empower businesses with better data and analytics while protecting them from the complications that arise from overscreening.”

Kurt Guenther, Group President, CSI Business Solutions, said: “Optimizing and streamlining the compliance process is essential for all businesses, particularly those with limited resources. This means reducing the amount of poor quality data and analytics that you might be relying on, and replacing it with the kind of high quality intelligence that can transform your compliance program and ensure your business meets regulatory expectations.”


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