OpsRamp Accelerates Adoption of Cloud and Cloud Native Infrastructure with Scalable Monitoring and Real-Time Alerting

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpsRamp, a modern digital operations management platform for hybrid infrastructure observability and AI-driven event management, today announced self-service onboarding for faster migration to the public cloud, powerful and customizable dashboards for visualization of hybrid infrastructure performance, and Prometheus metrics ingestion for using homegrown monitoring data within the OpsRamp platform.

Cloud infrastructure adoption is showing no signs of slowing down in 2021, with global enterprises expected to spend more than $300 billion on public cloud services. As CIOs ramp up on cloud investments to accelerate digital transformation, OpsRamp’s latest release helps cloud operators achieve faster time-to-value and greater return on investment for their cloud modernization initiatives. The OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release also introduces new monitoring integrations for Microsoft Azure and Cisco HyperFlex along with enhanced platform navigation for easy access to key product capabilities.

Highlights of the OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release include:

  1. Rapid Onboarding. OpsRamp’s hybrid cloud wizard delivers a self-contained guide for discovering and monitoring multi-cloud and cloud native infrastructure. Once IT teams provide their cloud infrastructure details, OpsRamp auto-monitoring onboards cloud resources and displays performance metrics within minutes. The platform currently supports auto-monitoring for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud services along with Kubernetes distributions such as OpenShift and K3s as well as popular Linux distributions.
  2. Cloud Native Metrics Observability. Kubernetes admins can now ingest Prometheus metrics into OpsRamp for holistic visibility and faster troubleshooting across cloud native infrastructure. Our pull-based mechanism for scraping Prometheus metrics across Kubernetes clusters ensures faster visualization, data federation, and long-term retention of Prometheus insights.
  3. Data-Driven Insights for Hybrid IT Management. OpsRamp’s new dashboarding model allows cloud operators to visualize any data with a flexible querying framework. Dashboards 2.0 are customizable widgets powered by Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) with the ability to import/export dashboards and customize color palettes and fonts along with out-of-the-box support for a growing number of cloud services.
  4. Flexible and Centralized Alerting. New alert definition models offer greater flexibility for setting alerts along with streamlined mechanisms to alert on metric data collected by OpsRamp. CloudOps teams can centrally set thresholds to generate alerts for auto-monitored resources and then use relevant insights to keep their IT services up and running.
  5. Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring. OpsRamp currently offers more than 160 monitoring integrations across leading public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. The OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release offers expanded coverage for Microsoft Azure with metrics support for Blob Storage, Table Storage, File Storage, BatchAI Workspaces, BlockChain, Databox Edge, Logic Integration Service Environment, and Kusto Clusters.
  6. HyperConverged Infrastructure Monitoring. OpsRamp can not only discover and monitor Cisco HyperFlex components such as cluster nodes, hosts, datastores, and virtual machines but also ingest HyperFlex events into the OpsRamp AIOps platform for faster root cause diagnostics. The platform also supports the discovery and monitoring of physical components of Dell EMC VxRail appliances along with ingestion of VxRail software and hardware events.

“CloudOps teams are shackled by legacy IT operations tools that were never designed to handle the dynamic and ephemeral nature of public cloud infrastructure,” said Ciaran Byrne, VP of Product Management at OpsRamp. “OpsRamp’s digital operations management platform enables faster discovery and monitoring of production workloads across multi-cloud environments along with data-driven insights for managing the health and performance of a distributed infrastructure ecosystem.”

Learn more about the OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release at www.OpsRamp.com/whatsnew

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OpsRamp is a digital operations management software company whose SaaS platform is used by enterprise IT teams to monitor and manage their cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Key capabilities of the OpsRamp platform include hybrid infrastructure discovery and monitoring, event and incident management, and remediation and automation, all of which are powered by artificial intelligence. OpsRamp investors include Sapphire Ventures, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and HPE. For more information, visit www.opsramp.com.

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