Parallel Wireless Announces ALL G O-RAN Solution Milestone

Parallel Wireless, Inc., the U.S.-based Open RAN company delivering the world’s leading All G, cloud-native Open RAN solution on 6 continents has now reached significant milestones enabling both rural and urban wireless networks.

Parallel Wireless’s ORAN vision has always been that rural macro success is a natural and necessary pre-requisite for enabling the superset of features required for urban network scenarios.  More than 50 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) including Inland Cellular and OptimEra in North America, Vodafone in IrelandAfrica and Turkey, and Optus in Australia, have successfully deployed or trialed rural 2G, 3G, and 4G from Parallel Wireless.  Concurrently, Parallel Wireless has advanced through the 3GPP and O-RAN Alliance release roadmap and now our innovative cloud-native, All-G Open RAN solution is supporting the foundational features and capabilities for strong network performance in high-capacity urban environments.

Parallel Wireless delivers innovation in urban Open RAN with:

  • O-RAN compliance to enable 7.2 radio and server ecosystem to deploy, upgrade, expand and maintain wireless networks cost-effectively. Components include commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) vBBU hardware which enables Open RAN radios from the ecosystem, resource orchestration, network slicing and subscriber management across All Gs in high capacity and high-density environments.
  • Scalability through a container based DU/CU implementation, across All Gs, to deliver OPEX and CAPEX savings and speeds time to market for new services and features. Cloud-native state-of-the-art features such as RAN automation, self-configuration, hands free software testing, integration and delivery, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enable seamless software upgrades and utilizing data to optimize network performance in urban environments to deliver optimal subscriber throughput and quality of service.

Keith Johnson, President, Parallel Wireless, “Parallel Wireless is proud to lead the charge in Open RAN innovation, supporting our customers on their network evolution journey from rural to urban O-RAN compliant deployments.  Deploying cloud-native, O-RAN compliant Open RAN across ALL Gs, with a broad ecosystem of partners, drives the cost down for rural and now urban deployments and allows MNOs to cost-effectively unleash the full potential of their networks as they migrate to 5G and beyond.

Dimitris Mavrakis, Analyst, ABI Research, “The Open RAN movement is allowing the transition from a limited number of verticalized vendors with proprietary “end-to-end” solutions to an open market and “best-of-breed” hardware and software from a wide ecosystem of vendors.  According to our research, Open RAN is expected to reach a total market of US$30 billion in 2030, climbing higher than the traditional RAN market.  Open RAN has been successfully deployed in rural networks across the globe and now current market conditions are favorably accelerating the development of Open RAN in urban environments as Mobile Network Operators prepare for the future of 5G.

To learn more about the new Parallel Wireless Urban Solution visit our website.

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