StartUps: Pitching Innovation (TCE2021 Spring)

TECH Conference Europe Spring Edition took place in a virtual layout on the 16th of March 2021 and welcomed +1000 participants, 45 tech leaders from 3 continents who engage in the ongoing conversations about topics such as Investment, EdTech, Education in XR, Creativity, Animation, Self Driving Cars, Mobility, Smart Cities, Security & Privacy in AI, VR, and Mixed Reality, Transhumanism, Metaverse, and more.

Panel moderator: Simon Planzer – Partner at PLANZER LAW

Guest speakers:

  • Dmitry Nedovis – CEO of SummarizeBot
  • Ágnes Bakk – Immersive Media Researcher at Random Error Studio
  • Wilhelm Myrer – CEO & Founder at Empower
  • Gerard Martret – Co-Founder & CEO at Shotl
  • Andreea Centea – Co-owner of Loop Virtual Reality Solutions