Bybit CEO: “Institutions Driving Today’s Crypto Bull Market” – At Blockchain Life 2024 Dubai

During a discussion among industry leaders at the Blockchain Life conference in Dubai, Bybit CEO Ben Zhou emphasized the preparedness and sophistication of contemporary cryptocurrency exchanges (CEXs). Zhou, who co-founded Bybit in 2018, now stands at the helm of one of the world’s top three exchanges by trading volume.

At the event, Zhou shed light on various facets that underscore the current era of crypto maturity. “From Bybit’s standpoint, this ongoing bull market has been primarily propelled by institutional involvement… Our collaboration with third-party custodians like Copper and Fireblocks led to a 186% increase in institutional capital flows last year,” Zhou noted. He highlighted the pivotal role of enhanced infrastructure and the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs in facilitating institutional participation in the crypto market.

Zhou has overseen meticulous upgrades to Bybit since the previous crypto bull run in 2021, enabling institutional investors to deploy larger capital pools. “Bybit boasts a highly versatile trading system that accommodates trading of any token against any other,” Zhou remarked during his live address on the main stage. “This affords our institutional clients a plethora of tools, enabling them to engage in spread trades, arbitrage funding rates, and various sophisticated trading strategies. This capability has facilitated the influx of new capital into the crypto space.”

Furthermore, Zhou highlighted the evolution of service reliability amidst market volatility. “Our risk management and system resilience have undergone continuous enhancements,” he affirmed. “Even during turbulent market conditions, Bybit maintains its stability.” This stability serves as a testament to the advanced infrastructure supporting both institutional investors and the exchange’s 25 million retail users.

Zhou also emphasized Bybit’s efforts to empower retail clients with access to products that simplify sophisticated trading strategies. “We offer a unique product known as perpetual protect, which utilizes options contracts to safeguard perpetual positions from losses,” Zhou explained. “Additionally, our advanced Unified Trading Account (UTA) design provides traders with a competitive edge in the market.” These initiatives aim to demystify derivatives and options, making complex financial instruments more accessible and comprehensible to a broader audience.

As the crypto market continues to mature, Bybit remains at the forefront, spearheading innovations that align with evolving market trends and regulatory standards. This proactive stance not only signifies a significant milestone for Bybit but also underscores the overall advancement of the crypto exchange industry.


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