DFI Amplifies AI Capability for the Thriving EV Market and Beyond

At Embedded World 2024, DFI, the world’s leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, unveiled its groundbreaking EV Charger application, responding to the surge in electric vehicle (EV) usage and the corresponding need for an extensive EV charging infrastructure. Forecasts predict the EV charging station market will hit $12.1 billion by 2030, with an 8.8% CAGR from 2024 to 2030. Powered by the 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900TE processor and Intel Arc GPU, DFI’s embedded solution enhances AI
capabilities at edge in the expanding EV market.

“DFI leverages virtual machine (VM) virtualization technology to introduce a robust Workload Consolidation platform that can run multiple operating systems simultaneously with just one Intel CPU for applications such as EV charging.” DFI President Alexander Su said, “We’re proud to offer solutions enhancing user experiences and promoting sustainability in the AIOT era.” The platform maximizes functionality and energy efficiency while simplifying operations and lowering costs. Workload consolidation utilizes Over-The-Air updates for maintenance and features DFI’s M.2 A Key OOB Module, making it a reliable approach to postdeployment maintenance.

DFI’s EV charger runs Mistral 7B LLM, utilizes Intel Arc GPU’s XMX AI Engine for fast AI inference and consolidates multiple workloads like EV charge controller, digital signage, payment transaction, and interactive kiosk, through virtual machines on the 13th Gen Intel Core Processor.

“Intel technology is paving the way towards innovation in EV charging and transportation infrastructure”, said Renu N. Navale, VP of Network and Edge Group, and GM of Video and AI Cities at Intel. “Innovations like these usher in a new era of technology in sustainability, mobility, and smart charging systems.”

This EV charger leverages a Workload Consolidation platform offering numerous opportunities for users. By harnessing the power of AI-driven insights, advertising service providers can deliver unparalleled value to their clients, driving revenue generation and fostering long-term success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

• Workload Consolidation with VM (Ubuntu / Windows / Android)
• 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900TE processor
• Intel Arc GPU for Large Language Model
• DARWIN 10-point FHD 32” and 21.5” touch panels for CMS by BenQ X-Sign & LLM AI with EV charger UI
by Weilong Electronics.
• Partner Tech Corp.’s Kiosk solution-ready offerings

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