Teletubbies Digital Companions to Launch on the Tezos Blockchain

MetaPals, an AI digital companion platform, is partnering with WildBrain’s beloved Teletubbies to bring together cherished childhood memories and the innovative digital era with the launch of the Teletubbies AI digital companions on 20 April, 2024.
As Teletubbies commemorates its 27th anniversary on 31 March, the collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting array of renowned IPs joining the ‘MetaPals Multiverse’ in 2024. Through the use of AI and blockchain technology powered by Tezos, much loved Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po, and even Noo-Noo have become personalized, evolving digital companions within the MetaPals browser extension game engine.

The Teletubbies characters integrate with users’ daily browsing experience that accompanies users across the web, offering both playful interactions and practical assistance. This technology not only brings these fun characters to life in new, interactive ways, but also helps to enhance the mental well-being of users by fostering a sense of companionship.

Each Teletubbies companion within the MetaPals Multiverse will exhibit unique personality traits, offering users a diverse and dynamic experience. With personalities distributed across 5000+ Teletubby companions along a spectrum, users are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience, ensuring enjoyment for all and opportunities to foster new connections with this nostalgic brand.

Max Giammario, CEO of MetaPals, said: “Through this collaboration we’re not just revisiting Teletubbyland, we’re reinventing it for the digital age. By weaving in AI and blockchain, we enable the Teletubbies characters to evolve, interact, and form unique bonds with users, embodying our vision of dynamic digital companionship. With a bit of ‘MetaPals magic’, the Teletubbies are exploring beyond the hills and far away, ready to play, in ways we’ve never imagined.”

Melissa Goodrich, Director, Franchise Strategy at WildBrain, said: “We’re excited to see our colorful quartet come to life in new ways through this unique digital experience for fans. As we celebrate 27 years of the perennially popular Teletubbies franchise, this latest collaboration encapsulates the essence of childhood nostalgia while embracing the limitless possibilities of the digital age.”
Jason Lim, TZ Apac Games Adoption Team for the Tezos Ecosystem, said: “MetaPals will be pioneering the convergence of iconic IPs such as Teletubbies with the limitless possibilities of the Tezos blockchain. I can’t wait to see the magic they are brewing up next.”

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