On Monday, 26th February 2024, HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Council of Tourism, Culture, and Sports of the Andalusian Government (Turismo Andalucía) and AVOW, aiming to advance mutual goals and capture business opportunities. The MOU signing ceremony took place at MWC 2024, held in Barcelona, Spain. Huawei was represented by Ning Shenglan, President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Global Ecosystem Development & Sales Dept, and Shan Xuefeng, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Europe Ecosystem Development & Sales Dept. Meanwhile, the Council of Tourism, Culture, and Sports of the Andalusian Government (Turismo Andalucía) was represented by Adrian Gomez, CIO-Chief Innovation Officer, and Moises Rubino Garcia, Head of Digital Marketing. AVOW, a leading app growth marketing agency specialising in mobile OEM advertising, was represented by Robert Wildner, CEO-Chief Executive Officer, and Ashwin Shekhar, CRO-Chief Revenue Officer. Jaime Gonzalo, VP of Huawei Mobile Services Europe, said, “We are thrilled to announce our partnerships with Turismo Andalucia and AVOW. We look forward to leveraging our combined resources and capabilities to achieve remarkable results.”
Attracting Chinese tourists is important for Turismo Andalucía. With the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reporting a 47.3% growth in Chinese tourism receipts to 632.6 billion yuan ($89 billion) this past Lunar New Year, the opportunity to engage with this market is more promising than ever. While festivities may have ended, the momentum continues, providing an ideal occasion to deploy innovative strategies and appeal to Chinese travellers who are actively planning their post-holiday adventures. The MOU seeks to enhance HUAWEI Mobile Services and Turismo Andalucía’s cooperation in promoting Andalucía as a tourist destination and experience in the Chinese market, and to achieve mutually agreed goals through this strategic collaboration. This will be accomplished through a cooperative framework that includes various co-marketing initiatives. Turismo Andalucía’s cooperation framework comprises direct campaigns, co-marketing activities, events, and partnerships with third-party entities. Meanwhile, Petal Ads will provide resources such as the Petal Ads platform, broader marketing cooperation, technology support in China and Europe, and tailored project solutions. Both organisations are dedicated to advancing their cooperation throughout 2024 to elevate and showcase Andalucía as the leading European destination for Chinese travellers. They envision developing successful comarketing and broader partnership strategies, as they continue their collaborative efforts in the years ahead. “Teaming up with a robust mobile advertising platform is key for us to understand Chinese customers better and strategically engage with them,” said Adrian Gomez, CIO-Chief Innovation Officer with Turismo Andalucía. “This agreement builds upon the strong ties between Huawei Mobile Services and Turismo Andalucía in working towards driving inbound tourism to the dynamic holiday destination that is Andalucía.”
The MOU solidifies the commitment between HUAWEI Mobile Services and AVOW to explore mutual business opportunities, with a focus on increasing their collaboration this year. Their alliance will leverage platforms such as the Petal Ads platform and other channels within the Huawei ecosystem across available territories. Robert Wildner, CEO-Chief Executive Officer with AVOW, said, “This ceremony shows our commitment to Huawei in pursuit of countless opportunities for innovation and growth. As we look ahead, we are energized by the prospect of developing cutting-edge co-marketing strategies that will drive our collaboration to new heights in the years to come.” After the MoU signing ceremony, guests enjoyed a gala dinner at Moritz Factory Barcelona, a top-tier microbrewery, where attendees mingled and fostered valuable connections. “Our strengthened bonds with both organisations symbolise the merging of our unique expertise, laying the groundwork for initiatives that will shape the future,” shared Ning Shenglan, President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Global Ecosystem Development and Sales Department. AppGallery arms consumers with the power of choice Huawei strives to develop a fair and open ecosystem, forging partnerships with top app development companies to develop the best and most innovative apps to consumers worldwide. Over the past few years, AppGallery has seen the addition of new games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Gardenscapes, and Epic Seven, adding to its list of over 50 thousand games and offering endless hours of entertainment to a user base of over 230 million gamers. Looking ahead, AppGallery will continue releasing high-quality apps that offer new and innovative experiences to users globally, living up to its title as the best alternative app store. Huawei at MWC 2024 and HMS industry solutions on show As HUAWEI Mobile Services’ returns to MWC 2024, it showcases innovative solutions and products for developers and partners, alongside the latest hardware innovations. Concurrently, Huawei seeks to empower consumers with boundless choices, offering a seamless, all-scenario experience. At this year’s MWC show floor, Huawei showcases numerous innovations that bring new experiences to developers and consumers alike. On-site presentations highlight how HMS can help partners in futureproofing their growth, enabling them to reach a global audience, maximize monetisation, and crucially, expand into the Chinese market. Through these efforts, HMS reaffirms its dedication to building a futureproof ecosystem. Huawei also partners with over 18 automobile car makers to develop world-leading in-car services as part of the HMS Ecosystem. First showcased globally in MWC 2024, the partnership connects the HMS Ecosystem, apps and services, to create a smart in-car experience and navigation system.

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