Chiliz (CHZ) Chain Announces Tokenomics 2.0 with Inflation Model and Burn Mechanism

Chiliz Chain Tokenomics Evolution

In a recent update, the Chiliz Chain, a sport blockchain protocol for sports and entertainment, has rolled out its Tokenomics 2.0. This shift, marking the end of the blockchain’s inaugural year, brings significant changes to the economic strategy of its native digital currency, $CHZ.

Detailed Inflationary Framework

The updated tokenomics, introduced at the start of 2024, entails an initial annual base inflation of 8.80%, with a calculated year-over-year decay. This decay is governed by a specific formula, y = 9.24e(-0.250x) + 1.60, which anticipates a gradual reduction of inflation that will eventually stabilize at 1.88% in the 14th year. The token’s supply is expected to experience a shift towards a deflationary model if the burn rate of transaction fees surpasses the annual inflation rate.

Allocation and Utility Enhancement

With 65% of the inflation supply designated for validators and delegators, the Chiliz Chain ensures significant rewards for those involved in network governance and security. An additional 10% is allocated to the Community Vault, $CHZ Liquidity Pools, and Shared Security Restaking Rewards. The remaining 25% is directed towards Ecosystem and Operational Distribution, underscoring the platform’s commitment to continuous development and support for ecosystem projects.

Strategic Implications

The strategic update is aimed at fostering sustainable growth and enhancing the utility of the $CHZ token. By aligning with the economic strategies of leading Layer 1 protocols, the Chiliz Chain is positioning itself for increased community engagement and long-term viability within the competitive blockchain industry.

The introduction of EIP-1559 also plays a crucial role in the new tokenomics, where a majority of the gas fees will be burned at the protocol level, potentially leading to a deflationary supply model in the future.

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