Belgium based WeWantMore Studio, the agency recently awarded several Pentawards, was tapped by New York-based Ultrafabrics to develop brand imagery to launch its partnership with Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz. Ultrafabrics is the global leader in premium performance fabric and is an expert in the real-world application of color, so it’s the perfect partner for Pantone to explore how this color manifests in conceptual and actual spaces.

WeWantMore studio is an agency that brings complex brand activations to life in both the physical and digital worlds, and often both at the same time. With a growing list of retail and hospitality clients including HEINEKEN Group, McDonalds, Hilton Hotels, Exki restaurants and Accor Hospitality Group the team understands how to connect with consumers and create activations that cut through the noise of the modern consumer experience.

Ruud Belmans, Founder of WeWantMore, says: “What we focus on is not only how to get the attention of a brand’s consumer, but how do we bring value to it? We need to respect their time by bringing levity, inspiration and captivating their imagination. We start with the essence of the brand, its values and ideas. There are no digital tools, including AI, that can substitute for the excellence of a well-researched idea. Then we use everything in our toolbox to bring that to life.”

The 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz is a velvety gentle peach with an all-embracing spirit that enriches mind, body and offers peace and respite in a stressful world. Using AI as a design tool, WeWantMore created a powerful hero image of a delicate bird perched in its home – a nest made out of gently twisted, peach-colored Ultrafabrics – surrounded by an ethereal bed of flowers.

WWM Creative Director Eric Leurquin explains, “The soft and tactile nest embodies the sensation and softness of Ultrafabrics product and the essence of the peach color, but from a brand perspective ‘The Nest’ is a conceptual theme for the brand to execute multiple activations in 2024 exploring how fabrics, color and the build environment can offer tactility, comfort and warmth. We instructed the AI to replicate the surface pattern and high-quality weight of Ultrafabrics to serve as the main structure of the nest, and then added in a sense of wild dreaminess. ‘The Nest’ also serves as a platform to demystify technology and encourage the exploration of uncharted visual territories.”

A major component of Ultrafabrics’ partnership with Pantone is a launch of a palette of colors that support the color of the year. 2024 sees the launch of the Sanctuary Palette that WeWantMore conceptualized into two ethereal and almost idealistic spaces – a lounge and meditation space.

Ultrafabrics is a global leader in performance fabrics for international partners such as MillerKnoll, Fitbit, Jaguar Land Rover, and Virgin Galactic so its audience of specifiers are well heeled and highly experienced.

Nicole Meier, Director of Branding at Ultrafabrics, says: “We asked WeWantMore to envision the full Sanctuary textile palette in a way that grabs your attention and has our audience engaging in design discussion, which is its intention. It’s the start of a conversation, not the end.”

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