Love Language: The Power of Emojis For Tinder Success

According to data, people who use emojis are 30% more likely to get responses from messages sent to a match than those who don’t. Using emojis in bios has become an increasingly popular way to portray characteristics, hobbies, jobs as well as many other things in a fun and visual manner. But which are the most used emojis? Could they help you find your perfect match?

Research by DKcasinospot analyzed 23,172 Tinder bios to determine which emojis are the most commonly used. The experts also found the most popular hobbies on Tinder, pets, and favorite animals.

Topping the list is the ‘male shrug emoji’ used in 1,367 profiles. Often used to be playful, it shows potential matches that they shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The heart emoji is the second most used emoji, appearing 777 times. Quite a standard emoji, its purpose is self-explanatory, shows love and can portray a more friendly and approachable profile which could help you get more matches!

Third is the camera emoji, mainly used to show people an Instagram handle. Having this on your profile could lead people off the app and into your DMs. This is also like the ghost emoji, usually followed by a Snapchat username.

The plane emoji is a great way to show potential matches that you have an adventurous side. The desire to travel and explore the world is deemed an excellent quality, and surveys have shown that travelling can strengthen bonds between people.

The laughing emoji Is another popular emoji being used 402 times. This emoji is used to give a profile a more light-hearted feel, shows that the person doesn’t take themselves too seriously and could be easy going. This also goes for emoji number eight which shows a quirky face.

Emojis are also used on Tinder accounts to show people’s interests and hobbies. People with matching interests are more likely to swipe on each other as they already share common ground. The plane emoji is one of the most used; like previously stated, this symbol represents love and interest of travelling.

The weightlifting emoji is the second most used to show people’s interests and hobbies. Showing potential matches that you’re fit and active could help attract more people and increase the chance of a successful match! This is also the same as other fitness or activity-related emojis, such as the fifth (running), eighth (climbing), ninth (yoga/meditation) and tenth (cycling) most popular emojis.

The book emoji is the third most used, with 243 uses out of the profiles we analyzed. This emoji shows people’s love for reading; the online book community is vast and thriving, and sharing recommendations or discussing books you’ve read can open communication and start a great conversation!

Music is another interest that can spark a great connection between people. Sharing the same music taste can create a deeper bond with matches, so having music-related emojis followed by genres or bands could increase the chances of getting matches.

The remaining emojis are the soccer ball and camera. The ball indicates a love of sport, which may be supporting or playing both of which can lead to a great connection with others that may share a favorite team or play as well!

The camera shows a more artistic hobby that could help people connect with like-minded individuals who enjoy more creative hobbies.

A spokesperson from DKcasinospot commented: “In the evolving landscape of modern dating, emojis have become the unsung heroes of communication on platforms like Tinder, injecting nuance, humor, and a dash of personality into the otherwise text-centric conversations.

No longer confined to just words, users are embracing this visual language to express sentiments that might be challenging to capture with mere letters. From the playful wink to the heart-eyed smiley, emojis on Tinder serve as shorthand for complex emotions, enabling users to flirt, convey interest, or inject light-heartedness into their interactions.”

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