Rockstar Games company teases fans with clues about GTA VI release- experts verdict

We already know that GTA VI is expected to release in 2025, but a new report has massively narrowed down exactly when we can expect to lose ourselves in Vice City.

According to GTAVI_Countdown on Twitter, Rockstar parent company Take-Two confirmed in a financial report that it expects to bring in an eye-watering $8 billion in revenue for the fiscal year 2025, which ends 31 March.

The upshot of this means we can likely expect GTA VI to land between January and March 2025, which means GTA VI could very well now be less than a year away.

Dave Cooper, a spokesperson for CasinoUS comments on how GTA 6 could be one of the biggest video games of all time.

“GTA 6 has been one of most anticipated video games since developers announced it back in February 2022.

“This sparked global headlines, as desperate fans sought out any information about the new game.

“The new Grand Theft Auto 6 YouTube trailer set a record for 102 million views in 24 hours. This is in comparison to GTA 5, that amassed 99 million views over 12 years.

“The much-anticipated game returns to the Miami-inspired location of Vice City, including the first HD female protagonist, Lucia, alongside Jason, the male lead character.

“Currently, GTA remains the second best-selling video game of all time, falling behind Minecraft.

“However, the reception of the GTA 6 trailer alone has been astonishing. Therefore, it could well give Minecraft a run for its money.

“The trailer opens with one of the game’s dual protagonists, Lucia, in a prison uniform at a parole interview. It ends with her and a partner holding up a store.

“In between we see TikTok-esque footage of mostly illegal Floridian antics involving fast cars, alligators, roof top parties and more- painting a picture of the city’s hard-partying sleaze.

“Last seen in 2006, players will nostalgically return to Rockstar’s fictional Miami setting, giving a sense of lawlessness and utter thrill- everything GTA fans crave.”

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