Things to bear in mind while playing penny slot machines


Once upon a time, casinos used to be filled with penny slot machines. They were the best side-hustle for these establishments. While table games were the main attractions, quite a few players spend their time at penny slot machines. The machines allowed the casino to earn healthy profits over the years.

Nowadays, penny slot games have become very popular. You can play online slots to bet only a cent per line. While this might make you think that a penny slot machine is an easy way to earn lots of money, these games’ reality is not that positive. Following are the points you need to know about penny slot machines:

You need to know what you are getting into

A penny slots game gives you the idea that you can win a lot of cash by spinning some reels after paying as little as one cent per line. But that is far from the truth. Most casinos force penny slot players to put wagers on several lines and set a minimum amount for wagers. This means that you cannot play the game with your choice of payline numbers.


Suppose a penny slot game in a casino has 50 reels – 20 paylines, and you have to bet 5 credits on 5 paylines, and each credit is worth 50 cents in real money. It means you have to wager 5 x 50 cents =$2.50 per spin to play. This might seem like less money but remember that you will not go anywhere with one spin. You have to spin at least 50 times to win any substantial money and more if you want to give yourself a chance to hit the jackpot. You have to spend real money on multiple credits or coins, which will deplete your bankroll.

You can find all the casino terms and conditions regarding penny slots on the casino website. Alternatively, you can get this information on casino reviews and casino news. Make sure to go through them before you blow all your money in the hope of winning big.

Learn to calculate how long your bankroll will last

This is one of the most important things to do when you are playing penny slots. These are volatile games, highly unpredictable and can deplete your bankroll in no time. A random number in this game has the power to affect your paycheck. If you know how long your money will last, you will know when to stop. This is one way not to become bankrupt.

The following example will help you understand how to calculate your money tenure:

Suppose you enter a casino with a $1000 bankroll. You decide to play a game with fixed wagers of $0.50 per line. Statistics say that an average gambler loses 350 bets (credits) per hour. Therefore,

  • The number of credits you can buy with your bankroll is- $1000/ $0.50 = 2000 credits.
  • The number of hours your credits will last is – 2000/350 = 5.7 hours.

The maximum number of hours you can go with your bankroll is 5 odd hours. If you do not win anything substantial halfway through, considering stopping.

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