Elk Valley Casino Deploys QCI Enterprise Platform


Elk Valley Casino and Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) have embarked on an innovative journey. The renowned casino located in Crescent City, CA has commenced the installation of the QCI Enterprise Platform, a platform that is setting a new standard in the industry for data-driven operations and customer experiences.

With the QCI platform being rolled out across the premises, Elk Valley Casino’s marketing and player development teams are on the cusp of a comprehensive training program. This implementation symbolizes a significant step in harnessing the power of technology for superior customer service.

Michael White, Director of Marketing & Player Development at Elk Valley Casino, said: “Elk Valley is committed to providing the best customer experience at our property. With the QCI Platform we now have the power to ensure no carded customer goes unnoticed by our Player Development team while the customer journey is rewarding for both the guest and the property’s revenue goals.”

Andrew Cardno, CTO of QCI, said: “We appreciate that after significant research and a thorough vetting of several products in the market, Elk Valley Casino Resort selected the QCI Enterprise Platform. We collaborate daily with the 1,800 player development professionals using our host tool to constantly add features and functionality for ease-of-use.”

This progressive venture brings together Elk Valley Casino’s commitment to top-notch customer experiences and QCI’s expertise in delivering ground-breaking technological solutions for the gaming and hospitality industries. The implementation of the QCI Enterprise Platform is set to mark a new chapter in the casino’s journey toward optimizing resources and profits, managing marketing campaigns, and boosting customer loyalty.

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