Ingenious Bygone Casino Cheating Devices on Exhibit


Unsuccessful, but extremely creative describes The Museum of Gaming History (MoGH) exhibit of casino cheating devices and artifacts used through the years to defraud casinos. The special exhibit is on display at the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas at Springs Preserve through the end of the year. It showcases a collection of inventive deceitful gadgets and tools on loan from the evidence storerooms of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Enforcement Division and from MoGH members. Everything in the exhibit has one thing in common – they were used by clever cheaters that got caught red-handed by vigilant casinos. In the city that never sleeps, neither does the surveillance.

The cheating devices display is one of eight unique gaming memorabilia exhibits currently sponsored by The Museum of Gaming History. These displays are located in several Las Vegas casinos and museums, offering visitors and casino history enthusiasts a unique opportunity to view gaming through the lens of the city’s past. The MoGH is an educational project of the Casino Collectables Association, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) club devoted to the fast-growing hobby of collecting casino memorabilia and preserving gaming history.

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