SCCG and Northwoods League Announce Partnership to Promote Organized Baseball within the Casino Gaming Industry

SCCG Management Founder and CEO, Stephen Crystal announced that it has partnered with the Northwoods League to promote its organized baseball organization within the casino gaming industry.

The new baseball league, the Northwoods League, was born in 1994, beginning with affiliates in Kenosha, Wausau and Manitowoc, Wisconsin; Dubuque, Iowa and Rochester, Minnesota. This League was made up of “All-Star” teams of college players who competed in a 56-game schedule between June and August. At the end of the first season, approximately 70,000 fans attended Northwoods League games and the Rochester Honkers had claimed the first League title with a 31-15 overall record.

Twenty-six years later, in 2020, the Northwoods League drew more fans than any baseball League, at any level, in North America. This incomprehensible fact summed up the sports scene in a year the American public was ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic. Innovatively leading the sports industry, the Northwoods League managed Federal, State and Local health regulations to play 498 games by 22 teams in six States and 15 Upper Midwest cities, drawing 214,584 fans.

Crystal said of the announcement, “As a firm, we are committed to the promotion of a broader slate of sports entertainment choices within the casino gaming industry. Bringing attention to these highly engaging sports presents a more comprehensive picture of sports in the US. They represent broader content propositions to the gaming industry as sports wagering opportunities, expanding available markets for bettors.”

“As we venture further into this space we were looking for a partner that could help us navigate the complex and ever-changing gaming world,” said Matt Bomberg, Northwoods League Great Lakes Division President. “It became evident very quickly that Stephen and his impressive team at SCCG were the correct group for us.”

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