Introducing VegasDoge – A Revolutionary BSC Token to Earn, Win & Stake

With VegasDoge, gambling becomes WINNING!

VegasDoge brings you the best deal in the lottery industry. Grab tokens to receive BUSD rewards just for holding! Multiple lucky holders will win $1,000 everyday! Since you can sell your VegasDoge tokens any time, VegasDoge is essentially letting you participate with no sunk costs, offers many chances to win $1,000 every day, & gives you BUSD just for holding!

VegasDoge will collect transaction fees from all transactions & stack them into the prize pool. The more volume is transacted every day, more prizes will be pooled to win! The house guarantees at least 1 prize/day, & will distribute up to 10 prizes. If more money is collected in the prize wallet, it will be transferred to the next day’s lottery.

The more tokens you own, the more likely you are to win. Each wallet will have a chance to win that is proportional to their holding compared to the total supply. We are calculating the odds in a linearly proportional fashion to be fair to all investors, regardless of their size.

VegasDoge is the embodiment of what makes Vegas a fun, charming city, without the fear of losing yourself along the way! Our investors will be granted countless opportunities to make the most out of their investment, all the while sitting back & enjoying their time in our community. Participate in our daily raids, meme contest, shilling contests, & community efforts to spread the word about VegasDoge, & you will be rewarded with greater, better returns on your Vegas tokens!

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