FBMDS, Planet Invest and EverPlay Score a Fantastic Goal in a Revolutionary Partnership Involving Ronaldinho Gaucho


FBMDS, a leader in online casino game development, has joined forces with Planet Invest and EverPlay in a partnership to revolutionize the iGaming landscape. This strategic alliance involves the iconic Brazilian football player Ronaldinho Gaucho and sets new benchmarks for innovation and excellence, focusing on the creation of extraordinary online gaming experiences for Latin American markets, with an emphasis on Brazil.

FBMDS, Planet Invest and EverPlay are committed to raising the level of the global iGaming offer. The alliance involving the active participation of football player Ronaldinho Gaucho demonstrates the common will of the three organizations to provide remarkable gaming experiences in the online casino universe and includes a sequence of major releases to be disclosed soon. Ronaldinho’s involvement with new games is anticipated to be a game-changer, bringing innovations tailored specifically for Brazilian iGaming enthusiasts.

By Brazilians for Brazilians with a strong innovation push

With a solid emphasis on meeting the specific needs of Brazilian players, FBMDS brings a deep understanding of the local market. According to Renato Almeida, Director for FBM: “Our Brazilian DNA guides the creation of online casino games ready to surprise the local players. This partnership demonstrates our dedication to delivering games that directly touch the hearts of Brazilians.”

“Ronaldinho Gaucho’s involvement reinforces our commitment to innovation, localized and high-quality entertainment. We are concentrating efforts to exceed operators’ and players’ expectations and create a set of games that can impact the Brazilian and Latin American markets in force,” said Almeida.

In this synergy between FBMDS, Planet Invest and EverPlay, the three companies intend to add value to the online casino games offering and strengthen the connection with Latin American and Brazilian players through immersive and personalized gaming experiences covering different game types.

A shared vision to raise the iGaming excellence standards

According to Ricardo Namen, Director for EverPlay: “This partnership between FBMDS, Planet Invest and EverPlay goes beyond a simple strategic alliance. It reflects a shared vision of innovation and a commitment to the future of digital entertainment. Together, we are shaping the next generation of online casino games.”

Nilton Leao, Director for Planet Invest, highlights the group’s ambition: “Our goal is to amplify the engagement that Ronaldinho Gaucho brings to his fans. He is a sensation that embodies joy and entertainment. Through this partnership, we are leveraging his unique appeal to deliver unparalleled fun and excitement, enhancing the way fans experience the thrill of iGaming.”

By leveraging the strengths of each partner, this collaboration aims to generate a global impact by maximizing the impact of the launch of several online casino products across international markets. It also aims to transform the iGaming industry with cutting-edge proposals and to strengthen ties with a set of demanding and passionate player communities, ensuring that each release is eagerly anticipated and celebrated.

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