Game Wave Festival announces the full list of speakers and agenda!

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Less than two weeks left until the highly awaited gaming industry event in the Baltics – Game Wave Festival (GWF). The full agenda with the speakers has been released and everybody is invited to use promo code GWFRIEND to register for the event with a discount of 20%. GWF will take place on November 28-29, in Tallinn, Estonia at Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. 

The two-day conference will provide an intersection of business, education and entertainment for anyone who is or wants to be involved in the gaming industry. Game Wave Festival will create an environment full of opportunities for networking and making close connections. The event will host 36+ speakers from different fields and backgrounds who are happy to connect and share their expertise within the gaming field. 

Game Wave Festival Speakers

Over the last 6 years, Julia Iljuk she has been helping game developers to find optimal solutions to their analytics problems. She is the host of an online course “Game analytics: From basic to advanced strategies” and webinars held on the devtodev education platform. Join her speech about Grow your Games with Data: How to Choose and Integrate Product Analytics.

Sercan (Sarge) Altundaş is a multi-disciplinary software engineer with a game and web development background. He is the developer of Ready Player Me, the leading cross-platform avatar system for the metaverse. He is currently SDK and Integrations Team Leader and has been helping the top technology companies integrate avatars into their applications. Sercan (Sarge) Altundaş will deliver an amazing talk on Taking Advantage of Machine Learning in Game Prototyping.

Elizaveta Petruchuk Seepia Playables is very active person. She holds several positions: CEO of Seepia Playables, FGJ Board Member, IGDA Volunteer, Art/Handcraft/Chess teacher or animator for kids, or just an ambitious unicorn. She will tell you her journey of From Outcast to CEO.

Mohammad Ali Sharpasand is a Data Scientist interested in the fields of Game Development, Bayesian Estimation, and People. He has a strong passion for helping others through their professional development. He will talk about Creating Games for Yourself or your Audience?

inesha Gandhi has more than 10 years of management experience in the gaming industry. She has worked on several AAA games. Making games is her passion and profession. She loves helping and solving problems of her team. Being part of the game dev. industry is a dream come true for her. She will share her knowledge on the Role of a Producer in Game Development.

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