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Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have unveiled the ultimate horse racing onesie; a fool proof, budget friendly all-in-one morning suit for punters heading to Royal Ascot.

The social event of the summer is famed for oozing upper-class and screaming snobbery.

But staying between the rails and adorning the correct racing attire has caused a kafuffle for many of late – forcing ladies to measure the width of their shoulder straps and the diameter of their headpieces in advance of attending this week’s showpiece.

Meanwhile, gents need to reassess the length of their socks, how discreet their waistcoat pattern is (except for those patriotic in nature) and the hue of their shoe as they approach the turnstiles today (Tuesday, 14/6/22).

In addition, the cost of keeping up with the upper crust is proving more and more prohibitive in the midst of inflation as thousands get set to ascend on the social event of the summer.

So, while tracks try to keep a step head of the latest fashion faux-pas with their ever changing dress codes, the well-known bookmaker will rescue racegoers on route to the track as they reveal their £1 onesie.

A typical morning suit and top hat (required to gain access to the venue’s Royal Enclosure) would cost racegoers approximately £1,845*.

However, today Paddy Power will offer punters an affordable limited-edition all-in-one must for the upper crust.

A limited number of hard-up punters can get their hands on a onesie of their own, as the bespoke morning suit is available via their social media channels while stock lasts.*

And, at just 0.05% of the price of the standard racing attire, this onesie aims to help keep punters keep up with high society without coughing up high prices.

The cheeky Irish bookie released a promotional video on its social channels to show off their new creation, depicting an innocent racegoer mocked for his relatively inoffensive attire as he is called out for daring to wear a bow tie or ‘novelty’ waistcoat.

He also gets a dressing down for flashing his ankles – a non-negotiable offence of the dress code.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “We feel like it’s about time racetracks reined their rules in a bit. It’s easier to figure out a sudoku puzzle than it is to decipher the dress code at some courses.

“So, we have created an all-in-one answer to punters’ problems…until they need the loo.”