THESE are the most profitable Twitch categories

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The top five ‘Gaming’ streamers on Twitch could allegedly be earning approximately £11,261 per video on average.

The second most profitable Twitch category is ‘Just chatting’, the top five streamers earning approximately £6,498 on average allegedly.

You can allegedly get paid £951 for sleeping, making it the sixth most profitable category to stream on Twitch.

One of the fastest growing streaming platforms, Twitch, has become a form of entertainment not only for gamers, but a wide range of categories. From ASMR to cryptocurrency, there are many different niches to explore.

With that in mind, the experts at OnBuy Technology sought to find out what are the most profitable categories to stream on Twitch. To do so, they looked at the top 5 streamers for each category and analysed their average media value / video using the tool Twitch Money Calculator. The average earnings from the top five streamers were then calculated.


Top Twitch Categories Average media value / video for top 5 streamers (£)
  1. Gaming


  1. Just chatting


  1. Slots


  1. Chess


  1. Music


  1. I’m only sleeping


  1. ASMR


  1. Art


  1. Crypto


At its core, a gaming platform, perhaps it comes to no surprise that the most profitable category on Twitch is well, ‘Gaming’! The top five gaming streamers on Twitch allegedly earn approximately £11,261 per video on average.

In second place, we find a category called ‘Just chatting’ which usually refers to the streamers having a conversation with their audience. However, in this niche we also find the controversial hot tub streamers who recently took over Twitch. In the second most profitable category, the top five streamers of ‘Just chatting’ allegedly earn approximately £6,498 per video on average.

In third place we find the betting fans, the top five streamers who stream under the category of ‘Slots’ allegedly earn approximately £2,065 per video.

If you’re a fan of chess and are pretty good at the game, we have good news! ‘Chess’ is the fourth most profitable category on Twitch, the top five streamers allegedly earning approximately £1,770 per video.

In fifth place we have ‘Music’ with the top five streamers allegedly earning approximately £1,258 per video. Music is followed by a fairly recent trend on Twitch called ‘I’m only sleeping’ where the streamers entertain audiences by hitting the hay, whilst the audience can pay to wake them up with different noises. If you’re a fan of sleeping and are not intimidated by hundreds of people watching you do it, you could allegedly earn approximately £951 per video.

ASMR comes in seventh place with the top five streamers allegedly earning approximately £278 per video from it, followed closely by ‘Art’ with £268 per video. And with over 5 million searches monthly for ASMR related videos according to the experts at, it’s no surprise to why people love these streams.

In last place we have the world of ‘Crypto’, with experts of the niche allegedly earning only £90 per video for sharing their financial knowledge.

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