Deloitte Canada makes an impact that matters in 2023


Today, Deloitte Canada released its 2023 annual impact report, Building better futures: Toward a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous world, measuring the firm’s impact and progress on sustainability during the 2023 fiscal year. As a purpose-led organization, Deloitte strives to make an impact that matters by helping and inspiring others to thrive: people, communities, and our country.

“This is our opportunity and our obligation to be a catalyst for positive change,” says Anthony Viel, CEO of Deloitte Canada and Chile. “Across businesses and industries, what unites our people is a commitment to service. Serving others is embedded in our DNA. Since the origin of Deloitte nearly 180 years ago, we have worked alongside organisations to empower them to reach their aspirations and build a better society for all. We can leverage our network, our relationships, our expertise, our know-how, and the collective aspirations of our people to help address the most pressing challenges of our time.”

This report measures the firm’s impact and its progress on sustainability during the 2023 fiscal year across four pillars:

  • Business: Adapting and innovating to meeting clients’ needs.
  • Environment: Monitoring and mitigating the firm’s environmental impact.
  • Society: Helping its people and communities be their best.
  • Governance: Ensuring effective oversight and responsible business practices.

The report maintains that Deloitte has moved forward with its commitment as a service-oriented partner and collaborator, continuing to focus on inspiring progress for all it serves by prioritizing sustainable investments.
For example, in 2023 Deloitte Ventures, a division of Deloitte Canada, committed $150 million to fuel emerging technology companies, including those within fintech, health tech, work tech, clean tech, data and artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Deloitte Ventures makes minority investments in companies with disruptive technology and visionary founders, recognizing that the most effective use of capital is to focus and direct energy toward a prosperous, equitable future for society. Opportunities to invest in companies that move the needle on topical matters, including sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion are also sought out. Beyond the capital infusion, it taps into Deloitte’s expansive knowledge and experience to help companies with their strategic, financial, and operational matters.

“Our differentiator is that we’re more than just capital. We can supercharge the growth of the companies we invest in” says Talia Abramowitz, Managing Partner of Deloitte Ventures and a partner in the Financial Advisory practice.

The report shows that Deloitte is driving sustainable and responsible climate choices, both within its organization and beyond – accelerating its own decarbonization efforts and advising clients on their sustainability journeys.

For example, while working with Maple Leaf Foods towards its goal to become the world’s first major carbon-neutral food company, Deloitte implemented its GreenLight Solution to deliver an end-to-end carbon management program transformation. The program helped Maple Leaf Foods to set net-zero goals, identifying initiatives for carbon reduction, creating a road map, analyzing the data, and monitoring progress in real time. This competitive advantage enabled the company to expand into the US market and contributed to its growth strategy and commercial success, while also incorporating responsible practices and working toward a sustainable future.

The impact report also details how Deloitte strives to make a positive social impact to help create a more sustainable and equitable world. It shares stories of meaningful work by Deloitte employees, and explains the firm’s commitment to growing careers, upskilling its employees, and its diversity, equity and inclusion ethos. A highlight from 2023 includes the launch of the Bloom Scholarship program, awarding 35 scholarships to Black students, 14 to Indigenous students, and 19 to students with disabilities including a four-month work term opportunity at the firm.

For more information read the full report here.

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