Olegs Cernisevs

Olegs Cernisevs

  • CTO of Blackсatсard

Olegs is the CTO of Blackсatсard. He is involved in the products development, optimization of technological infrastructure and improving the service’s performance to ensure smoother operations.

Olegs has a long history of working with systems used by payments services and banks, like PrivatBank and First Swiss Card financial services platform. He has headed the Acquiring Committee of the Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia for two years.

Olegs also founded SIA Starbridge – an IT development and consultancy company. There he is engaged in developing software, mobile applications, payment cards systems, as well as various other IT projects for European financial institutions.

Olegs graduated from the Riga Technical University in 1998 with a master’s degree in international business and management.

He attained two certificates in the field of anti-money laundering management – from the Associazione Finaziarie Italiane (AFIN) in 2014 and from the Italian Banking Association (ABI) in 2015.

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