Jose Uribe

Jose Uribe

  • Head of Innovation at All-in Global

Jose Uribe is the Head of Innovation at All-in Global, a top-quality language solutions provider trusted by the biggest iGaming companies. As an experienced product design engineer, for more than 10 years he has led disruption in entertainment and education companies. At All-in Global, he has led automation processes so that localization integrates seamlessly into the workflows of iGaming companies. Currently working on the next generation of iGaming language solutions leveraged by AI and machine translation.

All Sessions by Jose Uribe

European Gaming Q1 Meetup 2023 (virtual) 02/28/2023 10:00 am
Prague 2023 - Day 2 (30 March) 03/30/2023 8:00 am
11:50 - 12:25

Marketing in the metaverse, how will Web3 and NFTs help define the future of iGaming and sporting events

15:15- 16:00

Gamification, Slots Business, Game development and Running the Business

Prague 2023 - Day 1 (29 March) 03/29/2023 8:00 am
Riga 2023 - Day 3 *17 May 05/17/2023 8:30 pm
Riga 2023 - Day 2 *16 May 05/16/2023 8:00 am