Anna Agu

Anna Agu

  • CEO and Managing Partner at Lex Law Office OU / Director at Lex Law Office LT UAB / Co-organizer of CryptoFin conference

Leading legal expert in the Fintech industry

Anna has extensive experience working for tax authorities and government working groups. Anna also had a government authority working and practice exchange visits in different EU countries. During her career, she has taken part in the development of changes in regulation and cooperation between the public authorities of Estonia. Due to this experience, Anna considers vital the cooperation between innovations start-ups, government authorities and legal experts to provide the elaboration of innovational technology and a supportive business environment.

Since 2018 Anna advises companies in the field of cryptocurrency, compliance and Fintech regulation, with a specialization in the Estonian and EU regulation. Anna is also a public speaker and Co-organizer of CryptoFin Conference.

In 2020 Anna was a member of Virtual assets and Blockchain working Group, who is working on the EU virtual assets regulation and communication with EU government authorities. In 2021-2022 Anna drafted the expert opinion and amendments to the Estonian VASPs regulation and took a part of the round tables and discussions with the legislators in Estonia.

Anna assists clients in the legal issues related to finance law, the Money-Laundering regulation, compliance, corporate law, communication with government authorities and regulators.

All Sessions by Anna Agu

Day 2 06/05/2024 9:00 am
15:15 - 16:00

(Workshop) Navigating New Frontiers: Baltic Compliance in Web3, Fintech, and Blockchain

Day 0 06/03/2024 6:00 pm
Day 1 06/04/2024 8:00 am
09:30 - 10:20

Regulatory Evolution in iGaming: Adapting to the Baltic Standards

12: 15 - 13:15

Financial Evolution: Merging Traditions with Fintech and Blockchain Innovations

Day 2 (27.03) 03/27/2024 12:00 am
10:00 - 10:50

Navigating the Future: Integrating iGaming, AI, Fintech, and Advertising with Compliance and Data Privacy

Day 1 (26.03) 03/26/2024 8:00 am
09:35 - 10:30

Blockchain & Web3: Impact and Adoption