The world’s largest and most trusted identity event returns in June

Set your calendars for 11-12 June, as the world’s most trusted identity event, Identity Week Europe 2024, takes place at RAI Amsterdam.

Celebrating its 18th year, Identity Week Europe is expected to convene more than 4,000 attendees, showcase over 250 exhibitors, and feature 250+ leading voices in the field of identity.

This year, the event is poised to roll out the red carpet for a Start-Up City area highlighting 100 pioneering exhibitors set to shape the future of the industry. Standing as a nexus for innovation, the conference will foster dialogues around the most pressing challenges and opportunities within the identity industry.

Renowned for its leading content, Identity Week Europe 2024 masters an impressive programme of identity experts representing organisations at the forefront of identity technologies and policies. Attendees can look forward to insights from: The Estonian Ministry of the Interior, FRONTEX, ABN AMRO Bank N.V, European Commission, INTERPOL, Fidelity Bank Plc, ICMPD, UK Home Office, US Customs and Border Protection, Rabobank, Registers Iceland, Netherlands Ministry of Defence, and the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community, among many others.
Our exhibitors represent the pinnacle of innovation, bringing cutting-edge advancements to Europe’s largest conversation on identity. They include Muehlbauer, B-FY, iProov, Aware Inc., Cryptomathic, Entrust, Facephi, Evrotrust, IDEMIA Smart Identity, Infineon, IQ Structures and more!
Identity Week Europe 2024 promises an array of theatre discussions, networking opportunities, and showcases that cement its status as a must-attend event for those vested in the future evolution of identity. The event transcends industry borders – from financial and travel sectors to the public sector – presenting valuable learning experiences for government representatives, technology developers, and digital policy makers alike.
“Identity Week Europe continues to set the stage for transformative dialogue and innovation within the identity sector. As we prepare for this year’s event, we eagerly anticipate the convergence of industry pioneers, governmental bodies, and the vibrant identity community. It’s a stage where ideas are born, partnerships flourish, and innovations thrive. Join us at the RAI Amsterdam as we collectively shape the future of identity!”<span;> – Janine Bill, General Manager, Identity Week Europe

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