First-of-its-kind National Advertising Co-Op Combines Education & Accountability for Cannabis and Hemp Industries


Chicago-based Acannability is working to create an impact for the cannabis, industrial hemp and CBD industries like a previously iconic campaign“Got Milk” is one of the most successful campaigns in advertising history. It was supported by a dairy cooperative — a group of small businesses pooling resources to educate and advocate for the dairy industry.

Acannability is the first member-driven direct-to-consumer advertising and advocacy cooperative for the cannabis industry.

The co-op’s first campaign launching January 2023 is focused on consumer education featuring these messages around “Why Legal”:

  • Why legal weed? The testing requirements for purity & THC levels
  • Did you know cannabis comes in many forms?
  • Healing without the high. When used properly products can provide healing without psychotropic effects
  • I-Cann. Cannabis seltzers have fewer calories than alcohol and no hangover
  • U-Cann. It is legal in some states to gift cannabis to adults
  • We-Cann. Consumers can look for the Acannability seal to assure adherence to cooperative industry standards.

Acannability is led by a proven team with experience launching new regulated products, marketing and proven start-up success.

“Acannability supports all stakeholders in the cannabis and hemp industries, serving as a complement to existing associations and non-profit organizations. Our team has worked in the investment space, corporate operations and grass-roots settings allowing us to provide leadership, mentorship and advocacy at all levels.”- Lisa Mann, Co-Founder

Acannability is the go-to, accurate source of information and best practices. We educate consumers, medical professionals and their patients on the uses of cannabis. Our goal is to be the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for the cannabis industry. Members follow a code of ethics including product safety standards meeting or exceeding all national/state safety standards. The cooperative works to establish a trusted, standardized, labeling of ingredients/instructions and or provide online information about dosage, administration, and consumption.

Acannability is for producers, growers, retailers, ancillary businesses, advocacy and patient support groups and trade associations. The co-op provides an inclusive environment for businesses and advocates for the health and wellness of consumers. Current members include: Ocean Tomo, AMPM Hemp Farm,, CLOUT LLC, Progress Retail, Notiphy, Amundsen Davis, CannaCard®by CC Technology Corporation and Bigfoot Digital Marketing.

SOURCE Acannability

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