ShelterZoom debuts the first-ever ‘Genesis Control’ solution via document tokenization, tapping into a $2.5 trillion market

ShelterZoom secures trademark rights for its ‘Single Source of Truth’® tech and announces upgrades to its suite of SSOT® blockchain solutions. The solution empowers individuals and businesses across all industries to fully control their sensitive documents shared via email attachments or the newly launched iOS mobile app to operate securely, easily and sustainably.

ShelterZoom, a leading blockchain-based, smart-document SaaS provider, was awarded a registered trademark for its suite of industry-agnostic Single Source of Truth (SSOT) blockchain tools. Chiefly composed of Document GPS, DocuWalk and document tokenization and tracking APIs, ShelterZoom offers businesses and governments the first-ever native email extension using blockchain security to control and track email attachments, effectively representing the only true GENCON (Genesis Controlled) solution on the market. While ORCON is an access control policy used by the U.S. government requiring recipients to gain originator’s approval for re-dissemination of disseminated digital content, GENCON refers to all other industries including gov-tech.

In today’s cloud-based business environment, all organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks in the form of business-email compromise (BEC). These attacks threaten all cloud-based organizations and have cost organizations $43 billion in losses since 2016. Theft of sensitive data from email accounts is one of the biggest threats BEC attacks present, and companies often have trouble surviving, let alone rebounding, from these types of breaches.

Document GPS leverages blockchain technology to securely tokenize content for the purpose of protecting ownership of original work. With Document GPS, documents or other types of file attachment can be sent securely through the email extension, empowering organizations to track the content they send out and revoke access even after the recipient has opened the email. The feature can also prevent downloads, significantly reducing excessive carbon emissions and data pollution from the repeated uploading and downloading of tens of billions of attachments being sent on a daily basis.

ShelterZoom’s SSOT solutions’ classification provides a true GENCON infrastructure, enabling it to be leveraged by government officials to share highly classified information. Gov-tech is expected to blossom into a nearly $1 trillion industry by 2025, but other industries including finance, real estate, legal, healthcare, media, and digital preservation and publishing, open up a combined potential market of over $2.5 trillion for Document GPS by the end of the decade.

ShelterZoom also debuts Document GPS on the Microsoft and Apple stores, along with enhanced security and performance upgrades including:

  • Enhanced cryptographic capabilities to further enhance security and to mitigate loss of control over attachments, providing users with the highest Web3 security environment throughout the content’s journey.
  • Folders, or envelopes, are now available on the Gmail desktop version of Document GPS which allows users to easily organize their content through the use of eTags to appropriately label each individual document. This feature is coming to Microsoft during Q1 of 2023.
  • Mobile app will be available later this month on iOS, and launching soon on other platforms.

“Single Source of Truth is one of the core principles of what we deliver, so it is wonderful to have the importance of this technology recognized with an official trademark,” says Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO and Co-Founder of ShelterZoom. “The GENCON label solidifies the value that SSOT can bring to a wide range of sectors. With Document GPS and DocuWalk, organizations across all industries, ranging from healthcare to financial services to legal, can navigate the internet with even more security and flexibility, allowing the management of all vital documents and contracts to be done efficiently, conveniently and transparently.”

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