DeFi platform Equilibrium launches its EQ Blast liquidity mining program with a max APR over 90%

Through a limited program, Equilibrium users can access unprecedented yields on a single interface by utilizing 4 distinct liquidity pools powered by its EQ token.

Equilibrium, the all-in-one DeFi hub for the Polkadot network, launches EQ Blast, an incentivized liquidity mining program with a maximized APR of more than 90 percent. The program adds new opportunities to earn attractive yields in the Equilibrium ecosystem through its proprietary EQ utility token through diverse liquidity pools and yield strategies.

For the first wave of the program, Equilibrium has allocated 1 percent of the total EQ token supply. These funds come from a 10 percent allocation assigned to incentivize liquidity, with the program set to conclude after four months, or until the quota is fully distributed.

As the utility token of the Equilibrium ecosystem, EQ enables community governance in addition to utilization for transaction fees, product fees, and platform liquidity. Equilibrium’s platform offers a comprehensive DeFi product line on the Polkadot network, creating a resilient yet high-leverage pathway to earn, borrow, and trade that is user-friendly and helps end liquidity fragmentation.

To access the EQ Blast program, users must deposit funds into Equilibrium’s liquidity pools to start earning rewards. The incentivized program offers dynamic APRs based on risk and market conditions. There is a lineup of basic staking opportunities which can be combined together to maximize APR and also the program offers APR multipliers up to 3.4x. The breakdown of available basic opportunities includes:

  • DOT Liquid Staking: Stake DOT to receive liquid eDOT (12% APR)
  • Stableswap Pool: Provide EQD and USDC liquidity (10% APR)
  • Insurance Pool: Securing the system by insurance loans (15% APR)
  • Lending Pool: Provide liquidity to be lent out by the protocol (10% APR)

Backed by leading blockchain funds including DFGSignum CapitalSignal Ventures, and OKX Blockdream Ventures, Equilibrium enables Polkadot users to access the benefits of DeFi and yield generation through a single interface.

EQ Blast liquidity providers can expect to earn additional yields on their funds locked in Equilibrium’s pools and external incentivized pools on Polkadot DEXs. Users can also combine different pools to compose strategies and receive additional APR by locking EQ tokens to maximize their returns.

Participating users will receive APR payments above the standard yield they gain from these pools which include loan interest, swap fees, and DOT staking rewards. Additionally, users will receive EQ token rewards every eight hours, with the assets locked for six months. Those looking for additional yields can use the EQ and EQD stablecoin for reward farming in incentivized pools of external DeFi projects in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Equilibrium supports over twelve tokens as collateral for mining EQD including USDC, USDT, DOT, xDOT, eqDOT, WETH, GLMR, and ASTR with additional tokens slated for addition later.

“Launching the EQ Blast creates a meaningful way for our users to earn rewards and build their portfolios using our platform,” says Alex Melikhov, CEO at Equilibrium. “By creating strategies that match the needs of our community, we are thrilled to create pathways to generate revenue for EQ holders and newcomers to Equilibrium.”

“At DFG, we consistently search for projects conducting exciting work through Polkadot and blockchain as a whole,” says James Wo, Founder and CEO of DFG. “Equilibrium is no exception and the launch of its liquidity program is sure to generate interest for its existing network and encourage new users to join the community of a truly robust DeFi project.”

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