MultiNFT launches public token sale to expand live music in Metaverse clubs


MultiNFT, an NFT platform connecting musicians and artists with their fans through an interactive and curated Metaverse experience, launches the public sale of its $MNFT token beginning on April 20 at 10:00 am GMT. The sale comes on the heels of two recent successful private presales and MultiNFT’s opening of its first two Metaverse nightclubs.

MultiNFT CEO Guy Goldenberg fled Ukraine with his family as Russian missiles began landing in Kyiv, where the majority of his team lived and worked in the midst of the company’s previous VIP sale. Now stationed in Barcelona, MultiNFT continues pushing forward with its roadmap. Alongside the launch of its public sale, the company opened MultiNFT Club in Cryptovoxel and will soon debut a VR nightclub in Somnium Space.

MultiNFT’s public token sale will run from April 20 until April 25 on its website, Within the following month, the $MNFT token will be listed on the leading decentralized exchange Uniswap. Investors with a MetaMask (as well as most other wallets) can purchase the $MNFT token through the WalletConnect protocol using USDT, ETH, and MATIC. Additionally, beginning on April 20, NFT holders will start receiving 42 $MNFT every day as part of MultiNFT’s NFT Holders Incentive Program. The program rewards participants and NFT holders by facilitating DeFi pools, enabling early access to special content, rare NFT drops, and more.

MultiNFT leads the Metaverse-clubbing revolution, featuring live performances from some of the best bands and DJs in the metal and techno scenes. Leveraging its music-industry connections and expertise, MultiNFT offers fans the unique opportunity to experience a rich nightclub life inside multiple Metaverse platforms. MultiNFT has cultivated a unique community of Metaverse and NFT enthusiasts alongside crypto supporters and fans of techno and metal. $MNFT, launched as an ERC777 token (fungible token standard improving the existing ERC-20 standard) on the Ethereum blockchain as well as on Polygon, powers the MultiNFT ecosystem.

“We are really excited to debut our token on these exchanges,” says Guy Goldenberg, MultiNFT’s CEO. “It has been a crazy month; we fled Kyiv following the Russian invasion, re-established our headquarters in Barcelona, and immediately started preparing for our public sale. We overcame these challenges and are happy with the results and progress towards the public sale and our Metaverse events.”

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