BetaMars – a Metaverse Project of Human Nature


In 2021, the global metaverse boom had reached its peak as FaceBook was renamed Meta. As a typical case, virtual land has become a new starting point for capital to enter the metaverse world.

According to statistics from Dapp Radar, the total number of virtual land transactions on The Sandbox, Decentraland, Crypto Voxels and Somnium Space exceeded 6,000 from November 22 to 28, reaching $105.8 million in total. In the vast metaverse, virtual land will be an important part in the journey of exploring the metaverse.

BetaMars is a metaverse game themed on “Mars Migration”. It will provide limited virtual land resources of the future world in the game. As the infrastructure of the metaverse, virtual land will be given enormous commercial value. Of course, BetaMars cannot be developed overnight in the ecological construction of metaverse. As the basis of metaverse world, virtual land will also be given significance for its birth besides commercial value, thus leading to a great revolution of human nature.

BetaMars 1.0 – Start Point of the Great Revolution

According to BetaMars, in the early stage of the world, players can choose to be Lords to own land, or Miners in the BetaMars world. No matter what choice players make, they will experience a different life in BetaMars world, where a humanity experiment between Lords and Lords, Miners and Lords, Miners and Miners is going to kick off.

Remember the hottest Squid Game at the beginning of the year? The extremely real social rules and human nature behind the play made people terrified. And such complex human nature in the real world can also be found in the virtual parallel world. Based on the parallel worldview, BeteMars has introduced “greed”, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, as the tone of the game when setting gameplay mechanisms. Moreover, it uses Elonpunk produced from Land NFT as game rewards which interprets human nature.

New Gameplay between Lords and Miners, “Experiment of Humanity” from “Greed”

In BetaMars 1.0, there are two types of identities: Lords and Miners. Players can become Lords by purchasing BetaMars Land NFTs or activate Miners’ jurisdiction by buying and using Ticket NFTs.

If you have studied ancient European history, you may easily understand the basic gameplay logic. Lords correspond to kings of the Greek cities while Miners to common citizens. Kings can manage and expand their own territory and people can also resist incompetent kings. In the trial of gambling and cooperation, it is up to players to choose desperate fighting or rationally benefits distributing.

Each Land NFT corresponds to an Elonpunk pool with a daily limit of 100 working times. Both the Lord and Miners carve up revenues from the Elonpunk pool. The revenues are related to the Exploitation Value set by the Lord. The higher the Exploitation Value, the less revenues divided by Miners.

In order to safeguard the interests of Miners to restrict Lords, BetaMars introduces a dual token model. Revo represents the resistance of Miners. When Miners develop a certain amount of Revo and put it into the Revolution mechanism, a revolution will break out in BetaMars world, resulting in the bombing of the Elonpunk Pool and other damages. Once the Elonpunk Pool is blown up, Lords are unable to obtain revenues from the land as before. Meanwhile, a new land will be auctioned. Gambling between Lords and Miners starts here. More advanced gameplay mechanisms deeply rooted in human nature require players to explore step by step.

In addition, BetaMars also introduces Tax, Rage, and Elonpunk Pool Solidity and other mechanisms to make this laboratory of human nature more interesting. In this human nature test, the system of ecological autonomy will establish spontaneously with the development of the Great Revolution in BetaMars 1.0, and the metaverse commercial territory in later 2.0 will be unveiled.

Light Up and Open Up the Metaverse World

The Great Revolution opens up a new world. BetaMars world is a growing metaverse. In BetaMars 1.0, players jointly build the world’s infrastructure. With more and more Lords and Miners, the BetaMars world map will be lit and a brand-new metaverse world will also start.

BetaMars 2.0 will attach more importance to the commercial value of metaverse land, which can be reflected in building clusters, business district division, and art museum construction. Players can do whatever they want with their land. Landowners can sell or rent the land in the future as we do in reality, while common players can buy works of art in galleries, goods in commercial areas, or participate in concerts and activities in the virtual metaverse world. In this brand-new world, every player will experience a different and wonderful life.

The global storm of the metaverse is approaching. Only those who meet challenges bravely can be tastemakers of the time. The Great Revolution is not only the first step to BetaMars but the infrastructure of the metaverse world. It is said that BetaMars has raised funds from a number of well-known institutions. Will it be a dark horse project on metaverse track in 2022? Let’s wait and see.

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