SturdyAI Raises $3.1 Million to Strengthen its AI-led Customer Intelligence and Automation Platform


SturdyAI Inc., the provider of the AI-led customer intelligence and automation platform “Sturdy,” today announced it raised $3.1 million in funding led by Grotech Ventures. The infusion of capital will empower Sturdy to continue its impressive early growth, broaden market awareness and strengthen its customer intelligence solution.

SturdyAI’s customer intelligence and automation solution empowers B2B SaaS companies and other subscription-based businesses to:

  • Unify all sources of customer feedback like email, tickets, chats, call transcripts, surveys, and more, into a unified channel.
  • Analyze all customer feedback for important business insights like churn triggers, contract requests, buyer changes, feature requests, quality of service issues, and more.
  • Create just-in-time automations to drive insights to the people, teams, and systems that need them most to enable immediate actions.

“SaaS companies collect a ton of information from their customers every day, but much of it fails to convert to useful and actionable data. Now using AI and automations businesses can proactively understand whether their customers are likely to churn, which features will entice them to renew, are they experiencing bugs, are they happy or not, and much more.,” said Lawson DeVries, Managing General Partner, Grotech Ventures. “Customer retention and expansion are critical for SaaS businesses to maintain consistent growth trajectories, especially as we head into a more challenging environment for acquiring net new customers. Actionable customer intelligence is no longer a nice-to-have aspect for companies of all sizes – it is mission critical for businesses to thrive in today’s market. Grotech has a long history in this segment of the software market, and we are proud to be a catalyst to help fuel Sturdy’s continued strong growth and bring AI to companies that will need to do more with less now and in the future,” continued Mr. DeVries.

Mr. DeVries will join the Sturdy’s board of directors, bringing over 20 years of software-focused venture investing and management experience with him.

“Churn doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s a culmination of bug reports, feature requests, executive changes, response lags, unhappy sentiment, and more. Sturdy discovers the preemptive signals that help teams create more enduring relationships.,” said Steve Hazelton, CEO and co-founder of SturdyAI. “Every SaaS company has a customer database of record, some have systems of action like customer success platforms but the critical component that most companies lack is a scalable system of intelligence — a system that listens to all of your customer feedback and routes the important things to the right people in the systems that they use every day. That is why we built Sturdy.”

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