Leena AI Introduces Workplace App on Microsoft Teams so Organizations can Create a Safer Return to Work


Leena AI, an innovative technology solution that’s transforming the employee experience, announced the launch of the Covid-19 Workplace Response app on the Microsoft Teams marketplace. The app is designed to help organizations easily track and maintain employee vaccination and RT-PCR test records.

With hybrid workplaces becoming the norm, employees are gradually returning to the workplace, where their safety and health need to be of utmost priority. This requires careful planning and execution by the HR teams in collaboration with multiple functions. Leena AI Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite empowers these teams with workflows and analytics that capture employee information necessary to maintain workplace safety. The automated suite of solutions helps you save time and resources on endless manual documentation.

Leena AI announced the launch of Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite to ensure a safer return to work for organizations last week. Now the app is also available on Teams.

Here are some highlights of the Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite that Teams users can now leverage:

Employee Covid Vaccination Tracker

Maintain a record of your employee’s vaccination status to ensure they are workplace-ready. For the partially vaccinated, trigger campaigns to encourage or remind them to get vaccinated.

Automated Reminders for Test Reports

Regularly prompt employees to upload test reports or health declarations or initiate health checkups if they feel unwell. Take proactive measures to prevent the spread of infection.

Roster Management

Based on employees’ vaccination status and health declarations, easily create a roster of employees on a rotational basis and take preventive actions wherever necessary.

Customizable Workflows

Depending on your organization’s needs, quickly set up custom workflows with minimal deployment time. For example, organizations can request specific workflows such as ‘Request for PPE kits,’ ‘Request a workstation setup,’ etc., wherever necessary.

“We recognized a rising demand from organizations wanting to facilitate better inter-departmental communication in the workplace to ensure workplace safety and employee health. Our Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite is a first-of-its-kind product that covers all aspects from tracking and monitoring vaccination records to customizing rostering as per one’s requirements,” said Adit Jain, co-founder and CEO, Leena AI. “We have built a holistic platform in alignment with Leena AI’s objective to improve the enterprise employee experience. A number of our clients have already implemented this at their workplace and are benefitting from the comprehensive set of features it offers.”

“The integration with Microsoft Teams will help Leena AI add further value to their customers and end-users,” said Daniel Canning, Director Product Marketing at Microsoft. “The suite also fits right into Microsoft’s commitment to empowering hybrid workers with collaborative apps in Teams.”

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