Delta Drone – Acquisition of 77.3% of the Belgian company AB Comtech: Delta Drone sets up to benefit from the multiple opportunities to expand in the security market

Acquisition of 77.3% of the Belgian company AB Comtech:

Delta Drone sets up to benefit from the multiple opportunities to expand in the security market

Dardilly, 22 October 2021 8H

The acquisition of AB Comtech is part of a development strategy initiated 2 years ago

Delta Drone announces the signing of a definitive agreement under which the Group acquires, from two of the three shareholders of the Belgian company AB Comtech, 77.3% of the capital. The third shareholder, which will continue to hold the balance of the capital (22.7%) is the French group Protec, with which Delta Drone has also been a partner for 2 years: private security group, Protec is indeed an integrator of the ISS Spotter solution (automatic safety drones) designed and developed by Delta Drone.

AB Comtech completes the group’s “security solutions” range and is part of the sector’s dronification strategy

Stemming from the former company Solidbot, of which it took over all the assets as well as the patents, AB Comtech is specialized in “mobile security trailers” systems, which are mobile video solutions whose applications are multiple including the security and monitoring of construction sites as well as the security of major public events. The principle of operation lies in the deployment of a telescopic mast up to 7 m, at the top of which cameras are positioned. The system benefits from an energy autonomy for 1 month, it is very simple to implement thanks to a rolling chassis and a trailer attachment. Finally, the system is connected to a remote monitoring station, allowing a peripheral and continuous view of the area concerned.

The system developed by AB Comtech completes Delta Drone’s range of professional solutions, positioned between the human safety offer and drone solutions. It is therefore logically part of the strategy of dronification of the security sector.

The integration of AB Comtech is a growth accelerator

Operationally, the project has several advantages:

  • In parallel with the capital operation, Delta Drone has entered into an R&D and industrial partnership agreement with a French group expert in electronics and software computing, responsible for building an additional software and technological brick in the field of artificial intelligence integrated into the system: multiple innovative functionalities should thus be quickly added to the system, from the beginning of next year,
  • The proximity of the AB Comtech solution to the technologies developed by Delta Drone for the Countbot inventory solution, of which the group is the designer and holds all the patents as well as the intellectual property, could promote significant synergies,
  • Thanks to Protec’s remote monitoring platform, AB Comtech will have a complete offer, whether to sell the systems or as part of temporary rentals,
  • AB Comtech has field experience, with more than 100 systems deployed in several countries in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, etc.),
  • Based on the cumulative business volumes of the partners, which represent more than €50 million in turnover and several thousand customers, the leased and/or sold volumes of systems should grow rapidly, particularly in Europe and Africa.

The Group’s range of solutions is adapted to the challenges of the French security market

While the gradual recovery of the events sector is confirmed, the French private security market is facing a shortage of human resources. This situation is all the more worrying as the major deadlines of the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and then the Olympic Games in 2024 are looming.

In this context, it is certain that the thinking of decision-makers will have to take into account multiple and combined means, combining in a complementary way human resources and technological solutions.

In this regard, Delta Drone has demonstrated its know-how on multiple occasions: Ryder Cup, Formula 1 French Grand Prix, Peace Forum 2018, Bol d’Or, Ferté-Alais Air Show, Cannes Film Festival, NRJ Awards, Women’s World Cup football, etc.

The development prospects of the activity are therefore very promising, with a positive impact on growth and profitability from 2021 and much more significantly over the next 2 years.

About Delta Drone: Delta Drone Group is a recognized international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It develops a range of professional solutions based on drone technology as well as all associated services that form a complete value chain.

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