Taketomi Town Partners With Bespoke to Adopt an AI City Chatbot

TOKYO, Oct. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bespoke, creators of the industry-leading AI-powered chatbot Bebot, today launched a chatbot providing quick and accurate answers about city services and tourism sites to English and Japanese-speaking residents and visitors of Taketomi Town. Taketomi Town is a town in Okinawa Prefecture that encompasses all of the Yaeyama Islands, excluding Ishigaki, Senkaku, and Yonaguni Islands. 

With Bebot, residents can quickly retrieve general information about Taketomi Town, including details about transportation, garbage disposal, welfare and medical information, subsidy information, as well as stay informed on up-to-date information on where to get COVID vaccines. In addition, visitors to Taketomi Town can receive tourism information about attractions, activities, restaurants, accommodation and shops. Bebot has been developed to support residents and visitors by providing a seamless experience, providing users with updated information in a timely fashion, eliminating the need for combing through websites to find information. Users can access the bot through Taketomi Town’s homepage (https://www.town.taketomi.lg.jp/) and requires no additional download to use. 

Previously, Taketomi Town residents were unable to quickly find the information they needed on public websites or found it difficult to clear up any uncertainties about eligibility for various welfare programs without visiting the town office. With Bespoke’s AI Chatbot, residents are given a single place to ask questions, are guaranteed accurate information, and can ask follow-up questions through the same interface.

“As the Taketomi Town Office is located on Ishigaki Island, residents will need to commute via ferry to reach the town office. With Bebot, residents can find information provided by the town office, such as details about garbage disposal, child care support, medical subsidies, or about COVID vaccines, from their own device, anywhere,” said Akemi Tsunagawa, founder and CEO of Bespoke. “Our unique AI was developed in-house to provide residents with effective 24/7 support.”

Bespoke’s advanced AI is developed and refined with a focus on empowering residents with essential information regarding Taketomi Town in an intuitive, yet powerful, chat service – informing and supporting residents and their daily lives. The company’s unique AI chatbot is augmented by on-the-ready, seamless, human chat providing residents with a no-compromise, instantaneous and reliable source of information, while continuously optimizing Bespoke’s AI technology.


Headquartered in Tokyo, Bespoke Inc. is the world’s leading developer of multilingual Artificial Intelligence solutions serving the travel and tourism industry. Bespoke provides solutions to major airports, cities and transport authorities to aid in congestion management, emergency communication and driving in-market spend. Bespoke’s partners include Narita International Airport, Sendai International Airport, Toyama City, Holiday Inn, Tampa International Airport and Vienna International Airport. Bespoke has also developed a chatbot to combat the current coronavirus pandemic for use in Japan and globally. As of January 2021, over 12 million travelers interact with Bespoke’s Chatbot annually.

For more information, please visit Bespoke on the web at https://www.be-spoke.io or email [email protected].

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Image 1: Bebot x Taketomi Town

Bebot provides real-time answers to user questions regarding COVID-19, as well as city information at Taketomi Town.

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  • Bebot x Taketomi Town

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