People Can Focus on What They Want to Do, Not What App to Open, Investors Include Laurene Powell Jobs, Goodwater Capital, Scott Cook and WTT Investment

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Brain Technologies Inc., an artificial intelligence company with a mission to humanize technology, today announced the launch of its Natural app, the world’s first consumer generative interface that puts people at the center of technology. The company also announced more than $50 million in funding from investors including Laurene Powell Jobs, Goodwater Capital, Scott Cook and WTT Investment. Brain Technologies will use the funds to ignite market growth and further its research and development efforts.

“Before Google, information lived passively behind catalogs of keywords. We had to know which website to access for the information we needed, or scroll through pages of keywords on Yahoo,” said Jerry Yue, founder and CEO of Brain Technologies. “Today’s apps live in similarly layered and passive systems. We have to firstly know an app exists, and make an effort to find it, before we can use it.”

Natural is the first interface enabling software to be in sync with your intention. You no longer go to apps, apps come to you. Simply say what you want and the right app forms itself around your words. For example:

  • Instead of jumping between different delivery apps to find the restaurant you’re looking for, ordering sushi is as easy as saying “Order sushi,” and all the restaurants that deliver to you though any platform show up right in front of you. Natural automatically picks the fastest or cheapest delivery platform based on your preference. Simply tap on the one you like and check out with Apple Pay.
  • Today, if you want to travel to Maui, you need to jump between multiple travel apps or websites for the best combination of convenience and price, navigate through each website’s forms and interfaces, and manually compare options—a time-consuming, frustrating process. With Natural, booking is as easy as saying, “Book me a flight to Maui next Friday for three people,” your words generate interfaces in real time and Natural compares all the options available to present you with the best choices. You never have to re-enter your passenger and credit card information again.

Natural is currently focused on commerce applications, which is the company’s first manifestation of its vision for the future of software. From food delivery, buying groceries and retail shopping to booking a trip, Natural makes it easy for users to run their lives from one place.

“What Jerry and his team are developing is incredibly special. I’m not aware of anyone doing more interesting work to demonstrate how fundamentally AI can enhance our everyday lives,” said Scott Cook, founder of financial software giant Intuit.

“Many of us remember the first time we used an iPhone. The software felt magical, and every animation felt dynamic yet subtle,” said Tom Goodwin, a Natural beta customer. “Experiencing this app is the closest thing I’ve felt to that for a long time. I love the idea of one place to go for everything.”

“While some are using AI to make technology more dominant in our lives, we’re leveraging AI to do the exact opposite, putting people at the center,” Yue continued. “Like the air we breathe, we believe the future of technology should be simple, invisible and natural.”

About Brain Technologies, Inc.

Brain is an artificial intelligence (AI) and interface company based in Silicon Valley. Founded by Jerry Yue in 2015, Brain aims to reinvent computer interfaces and make software human-centric and natural.

Brain’s AI organizes the world’s software and makes it natural to use, enabled by its real-time generative morphing interface. The company aims to liberate people from today’s linear and passive interfaces by connecting them with products, and services in a modeless, fluid experience.

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